Breaking free from a musical rut

This fall, embrace new musical outlets 

How to elevate your fall playlist.

I have a bit of a rocky history with music. 

I tend to fall in love with a new song or album, listen to it ad nauseam for two months straight, become slightly irritated by it, avoid it for a month or so, miss it, then add it to some playlists. And I don’t think I’m the only one with this somewhat toxic relationship with music. 

The problem is, if I don’t find new music to break the cycle, I’m left listening to the same playlist for three months. While finding a new song can set the tone for an amazing day, staying in a musical rut can feed into a 

monotonous loop.  

As the semester progresses and we get busier, it’s important to keep some fresh music cycling into your repertoire. I’ve made some suggestions to ward away or combat a musical rut.

Collecting records can be a wonderful way to listen to new music. There’s something magical about listening to an album front to back, especially on vinyl. You’re bound to find some hidden gems.   

While it can seem like an expensive musical outlet, many stores—like Brian’s Record Option on Princess St—offer affordable, second-hand vinyl records in perfect shape.

Many people are eager to give away their old record players, which are often better quality and more affordable than the Crosley ones sold at Urban Outfitters, so check out Facebook Marketplace and eBay for used options. If you’re not willing to commit to a whole turntable, Stauffer Library rents them out for three-hour time slots.

Making playlists for people is a love language: there’s nothing like listening to carefully curated songs from a friend or partner. 

This fall, no one should be in a musical rut—pick a buddy and make each other a playlist of all the off-the-beaten-path songs you love. 

If this seems like too intimate of an exchange, take advantage of Spotify’s recently developed collaborative playlist feature which allows you and your friends to add songs to the same playlist. 

If playlists aren’t your cup of tea, there’s nothing like live music to yank you out of a musical rut. 

In the evenings, there is usually a live music event happening downtown. On Brock St, Musiikki has a gorgeous hidden patio, and the venue rotates between live bands, drag shows, visual artists, and comedians.

If you’re looking for a free option, check out the live bands showcased at Kingston’s Memorial Centre Farmer’s Market. Queen’s Campus Radio Station also offers a variety of unique and eclectic music and is another great way to support a campus production and find yourself some groovy new tunes. 

The key to avoiding a musical rut is creativity. If you find yourself listening to the same music on repeat, be proactive and think outside the box. You’ll be dancing through midterm season in no time.


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