Bringing Bounce to Stages

Australian DJs performed an exciting set for a crowd of students on Wednesday night as part of Bounce Bus tour

From left to right: Joel Fletcher
Image by: Tiffany Lam
From left to right: Joel Fletcher

Australian DJs Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher and Timmy Trumpet have just embarked on a Bounce Bus tour together across North America, including Kingston as their first of four Ontario dates.

On Wednesday, Stages Nightclub and Embrace Kingston welcomed the Aussie trio.

Timmy Trumpet is a Sydney-based main room house DJ and producer who, not shockingly, plays the trumpet. Joel Fletcher is known as the prodigal son of Melbourne’s underground dance music, while 21-year-old Will Sparks has claimed legendary status as the king of the globally loved Melbourne sound.

According to Sparks, the atmosphere on the Bounce Bus is positive and energetic.

“It’s three lunatics on a bus having a good time, ‘cause we’re all best mates,” Sparks said. “We’re just traveling the world and doing what we love.”

The team travels on a large 12-bed luxury bus — the same bus that Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent used previously, he said. Sparks looks forward to making a lot of music and collaborations on this tour, and Trumpet looks forward to simply just enjoying himself.

“Life is about having a good time, and I’m having the best time because my mates are on tour with me, and it couldn’t be better,” Trumpet said.

While ticket sales for the Bounce Bus Tour show weren’t moving as well as most bookings at Stages Nightclub, the night, hosted by Embrace Kingston, ended up being one to remember.

Timmy Trumpet kicked it off, followed by Sparks and Fletcher, all bringing out high energy in the audience.

It didn’t matter whether you knew their music or not — the energy they emoted translated to everyone within seconds, and the crowd roared with excitement as each performer stepped into the DJ booth. Trumpet was always smiling during his set, and Sparks could be seen moving and jumping around non-stop in the DJ booth. Joel Fletcher, rhe most hardworking and humble, kept his cool during most of the set.

They all interacted hugely with the crowd. Trumpet threw out paper hats and all three constantly reached their bodies over the DJ booth to interact further.

Apart from this North American tour, they’re all eager with anticipation to play Australia’s biggest festival, Stereosonic, in a couple of months together.

“The three of us did an amazing set at this festival called Nocturnal Wonderland,” Trumpet said. “I really enjoyed that so I’m looking forward to playing as a group again. When Team Lunatic combine, it’s an amazing show.”


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