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AMS executive ‘excited’ to bring back the Queen’s Pub

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With the opening of JDUC, the pub will soon be available to students.

A new pub agreement is underway for the Queen’s Pub (QP).

After closing its doors following COVID-19, QP is set to reopen after construction in the fall of 2024. The revamped AMS service will offer food, drinks, and performances in the JDUC.

Queen’s University holds the designated liquor license for all on-campus pubs, managing all liquor licensing directly.

Queen’s currently holds five liquor licenses, three of which belong to campus pubs, including Clark Hall Pub, The Grad Club, and the soon-to-be QP.

“Housing and Ancillary Services is accountable for the service and sale of alcohol on campus, in compliance with the Ontario Liquor Licence Act, and the University Alcohol Policy,” Leah Wales, executive director (housing & ancillary services), said in a statement to The Journal.

The other licenses cover Queen’s Event Services and the hospitality team, which provide alcohol services across campus for special events, including events at Richardson Stadium. The Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre is covered by a separate license.

“Housing & Ancillary Services maintains Pub Operating Agreements for each of these facilities with the Engineering Society, the Grad Club, and the AMS, that outline mutual responsibilities and compliance obligations,” Wales said.

Pub agreements are signed every year, but since QP hasn’t been operational in three years, the previous agreements have expired. The AMS and Housing & Ancillary Services are negotiating a new agreement for QP.

“The pub agreement is basically the same, but with specifications for the services. For example, ours will have a patio, so there’s an agreement for the patio,” AMS Vice-President (Operations) Michelle Hudson said in an interview with The Journal.

The new QP ‘s patio will have space for performances. The space is intended to be multi-purpose, hosting bands and poetry readings.

The current plan sees QP open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. As it stands, QP won’t be open until 2 a.m., the closing time allowed by Ontario legislation.

While Queen’s University holds the liquor license across campus, the AMS is appointed to manage operations at QP in compliance with liquor laws. The University and the AMS are required to provide training including Ontario Smart Serve certifications and mandatory Ontario workplace training.

“It’s within our contracts that we sign with the University to be able to operate,” Hudson said.

The AMS will be hiring a student head manager to work in conjunction with the vice-president (operations) to oversee the pub. Multiple permanent staff will be involved, working in conjunction with the student head manager and overseeing the industrial kitchen.

“I’m really excited for this [QP] to come back and be a huge history component at Queen’s,“ Hudson added.


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