Cam Yung continues the Y(o)ung Rector legacy

Cam Yung will follow in the footsteps of Mike Young as Queen’s 35th Rector

Image by: Michelle Allan
Current Rector Mike Young helps Rector-elect Cam Yung put on the Rector’s traditional robe for the first time.

Cam Yung had difficulty finding the right words to address his crowd of supporters after current Rector Mike Young announced that he had won the election as the 35th Queen’s Rector.

“I want to thank all of you — all of you for everything because this has been amazing,” Yung, ArtSci ’16, yelled over the sounds of his supporters’ laughter and applause.

“This has been — this has been — incredible!”

According to an AMS press release, Yung won on the third ballot with 3,694 votes — 58.4 per cent of the votes — while Julia Fulton, ArtSci ’17, came in a close second place with 2,641 votes — 42.6 per cent.

“I couldn’t have done this without the team — my friends, my family — the support was absolutely amazing,” Yung told The Journal.

“Everyone ran a fantastic campaign and worked hard … I loved every moment and I’m so excited to work for Queen’s”.

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Current rector Mike Young made an appearance at the party to congratulate his successor.

“Cam, you make me proud to be associated with the Rector’s Office,” Young said.

“I’m very proud that Cam is my successor. He’s going to uphold the integrity and values our office stands for”.

Congrats to Rector Elect Cam Yung. You have big shoes to fill in @mikeyoungmusic. Looking forward to meeting you.

— Daniel Woolf (@queensprincipal) January 28, 2016

Fulton, who came second place, anxiously awaited results with volunteers and co-workers from TAPS.

“Either way, I’m really proud of what we did … we had so much fun,” Fulton said before the results were announced.

At roughly 10:50 p.m., Fulton retreated into her room with her campaign managers. Minutes later, AMS officials announced that Yung had been elected as the next Rector. 

Fulton returned to her party to deliver a speech to her supporters.

“Obviously, it didn’t go my way this time and that’s OK,” she told them.

“I ran and lost and that’s fine because it was awesome. It’s not the worst thing to run and lose. I can think of so many things I want to do next year and so many things that I’ve learned, and so many awesome people that I have met,” she told The Journal later.

Election results for the other two candidates — Rigers Rukaj, Sci ’17 and Liam Dowling, ConEd ’18 — have not been released by the AMS and SGPS.

“I have total confidence in the winner. Everyone on the slate, amazing people. I’ll make myself available, if they ever need anything from me, as a resource. I’ll be there for them and I’m sure they’ll do a great job,” Rukaj said after he was informed that he hadn’t been elected.

“I’m very pleased with the results. All of the candidates worked extremely hard and brought into light some of the most important issues facing students. That’s what elections are about, bringing attention to students’ concerns,” Dowling told The Journal via email.

 – With files from Michelle Allan, Nathan Bateman and Mikayla Wronko


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