Campaign lacks even distribution

The University’s Initiative Campaign is a positive and logical move for the school, allowing it to capitalize on it’s most valuable resource — school spirit.

In tough financial times, the $500 million the Campaign aims to raise by 2016 will be vital for Queen’s, but, the allocation of much of the funding is worrisome.

When dealing with a sum as large as $500 million dollars the funds must go to where students can benefit the most.

The Faculty of Arts and Science, which is by far the largest faculty on campus has been slated to receive $70 million of the funding — the same amount as Engineering, a far smaller faculty.

While classes have grown or are at risk of doing so for many Arts and Science students, and face-to-face interaction with professors continues to diminish, one can’t help but ask — shouldn’t these areas be a priority for investment?

Budget cuts have obviously affected many programs in past years, but uncompleted projects also deserve the attention of this campaign.

With no plans to build the promised arena that was supposed to be part of the Queen’s centre, it’s strange to see that $45 million has been allotted to opening a Health and Wellness Centre that would include a dental care area.

This is sure to be an expensive endeavor and begs the question — why is the school investing in new projects when they have yet to finish or fix old ones?

Queen’s is unique in having a vast alumni network attached to the University’s spirited history and tradition.

There’s no reason the school shouldn’t take advantage of the tricolor spirit — there are undoubtedly many alumni who are concerned with and want to help the University weather its troubled times better.

Although the Initiative Campaign is a positive step forward, attention needs to be paid to where this money will inevitably go.

The campaign will help to increase international exchanges, the availability of teaching assistants, and improve existing programs — all valuable initiatives that deserve attention.

The University should be focusing more money on fixing what has been broken in the past few years due to budget cuts.

The tricolor spirit should be used to recreate what Queen’s is known for — high quality education through degree programs and classes not for flashy and unnecessary new initiatives.

— Journal Editorial Board



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