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Laval University: Security tightened after reports of sexual assault

Quebec City police are currently investigating four separate incidents at Laval University for breaking and entering, two of which include complaints of sexual touching.

The suspect in question is believed to be in his twenties, and was observed knocking on doors of residence buildings.

An email was sent out to students after the incidents from the Laval administration, who’re now collaborating with police.

“The message that has been sent to the students living in the residences was basically to remind them to be vigilant by locking their doors,” Laval University spokeswoman Andrée-Anne Stewart told the CBC.

One student interviewed suggested that the university should start restricting access to its residences by adding card readers, a tactic that other universities have employed for years.

40 per cent of Quebec university buildings in poor condition, government report says

A governmental analysis in to various universities across Quebec has revealed that many institutions, including McGill, Concordia and the University of Montreal, are working out of buildings that are “falling apart,” according to a CBC article published on Oct. 5.

At the top of the list is McGill University, with 73 per cent of its campus buildings classified in poor or very poor condition. Most of the buildings were constructed in the 1960s and 70s, with scaffolding around them to keep them up. Other buildings have been propped up with plywood or metal supports.

The study that originally ranked these buildings gave the school a failing grade.

In response to the report, the Quebec minister of higher education said the provincial government will be contributing another $1 billion to increase funding to universities over the next six years. This will be in addition to the $1 billion that was provided from 2005-15.

Bishop’s University: Open house offers same day application, admission

With its new admissions strategy, Bishop’s University looks to bolster enrolment through a plan called Accelerated Admissions. Students are able to determine whether they will be admitted or not within a single day.

Dozens of prospective students lined up outside the school’s library with the promise that that they would have an answer for their applications within a few hours.

This effort has been a success with students but according to Bishop’s administration, it’s been a lot of work. Despite the large undertaking, Bishop’s University announced that it welcomed its largest first-year class in the school’s history, with 919 incoming students.

Mumps strikes on University of Manitoba campus

As of Oct. 19, the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus has seen an unusual outbreak of mumps.

Mumps are known to spread through direct contact with the saliva of an infected person. The University issued a warning to all students on Wednesday from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

The WRHA says if a person does develop symptoms or signs of mumps they should limit contact with others for five days and contact their healthcare provider.


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