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Student paper exposes unequal toilet paper distribution at Ryerson

Controversy reared its head at Ryerson when The Eyeopener — the university`s student newspaper — discovered an unfair distribution of two-ply toilet paper on Campus.

While student washrooms are almost exclusively stocked with one-ply toilet paper, The Eyeopener confirmed that the 13th and 14th floors of Jorgenson Hall carry two-ply toilet paper. The 13th floor of the building contains the offices of administrative personnel, including the offices of the president, alumni relations, the vice-president of research and innovation and research services, while the 14th floor is occupied by meeting rooms.

Although a two-ply bathroom is a couple steps from his office, Sheldon Levy, the President of Ryerson, told The Eyeopener that he finds the unequal toilet paper distribution “shocking” and “embarrassing”.

Janice Winton, Ryerson’s vice-president of administration and finance, says the university has explored what it would take to convert to a two-ply campus. She told The Eyeopener that the change would cost the university an additional $80,000 per year.


      Laurier student charged in pellet gun shooting

Charges have been laid against Nick Pavlasek, a 20-year-old student from Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU), after his involvement in three incidents of shooting pedestrians with a pellet gun.

The charges resulted following shootings that took place on Sept. 7 this year, when Pavlasek shot a pellet gun at three female students from WLU.  

Two of the injuries were relatively insignificant. One woman sustained a minor injury to her collarbone while another sustained a slight injury to her wrist. However, the pellets caused a serious eye injury to a third woman, which has required ongoing medical treatment.

Pavlasek, who has been released on bail for $5,000, is set to appear in court next on Dec. 17. Pavlasek is currently under house arrest in his residence in Toronto and isn`t allowed to enter the Waterloo region as a condition of his bail.


      U of A preparing for student-organized orgy

A student-organized orgy is in the works for University of Alberta students, with a tentative date of Nov. 13. The orgy will be open to any U of A student who’s willing to be screened by organizers.

U of A student and one of the orgy organizers Matthew James Hardy said he intends on keeping the gender and sexuality ratios as equal as possible to ensure that no 

participant feels outnumbered or left out. Hardy added that keeping the number of participants from all groups equal is important for the overall comfort of participants.

The orgy will start at 7 p.m. and end around midnight. Organizers haven`t confirmed whether alcohol will be permitted and complete details regarding the orgy will be finalized closer to the date of the event.

Hardy outlined three guidelines for the orgy: consent must be given for all interactions, participants must follow orgy etiquette and participants must wipe up bodily fluids and dispose of contraceptives.



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