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Marta Pacek says she writes about heartbreak and boys

Marta Pacek moved to Canada from Australia four years ago.
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Marta Pacek moved to Canada from Australia four years ago.

“I can’t multiply — numbers,” she tells me.

This lighthearted humour is hardly representative of the themes in Marta Pacek’s music, where she lyrically entwines stories of relationships and heartbreak.

Pacek was quite cheery when we spoke, but she said her music comes from a much more melancholic base.

“My music is alternative country — like darkish, moody, brooding, folky country,” she said.

Since moving to Canada in 2008, Pacek said the Canadian scene has affected how she writes.

“I guess I’m sort of a proud member of the roots-folk community in Toronto. I think there’s a Canadian style of writing that’s very confessional and poetic,” she said.

Pacek said it’s only natural she ended up in Canada to continue her music career.

“Sometimes when I play in Australia people say, ‘You don’t even sound Australian,’” she said.

I asked about some of Pacek’s favourite performance venues. Her response, you might say, is evidence of her Canadian experience.

“I can tell you where I like to drink,” she said.

Pacek appears to be quite blessed with such a sincere enjoyment of the art form.

“When somebody has watched my show, bought my CD, downloaded it or just listened to my music somehow and they’ve connected with it, it makes me feel good,” she said.

“It sounds so egotistical, but it’s me wanting to be a part of other peoples’ lives, and that’s the most rewarding part of it.”

Marta Pacek plays the Toucan on Monday at 8 p.m.


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