Canadian University Men’s Rugby Championship: Round one recap

Gaels, Thunderbirds, Vikes, and Gryphons enter winning bracket for Friday

The Gaels in a scrum with the Concordia Stingers.

Game 1—UBC Thunderbirds vs RMC Paladins

The UBC Thunderbirds and RMC Paladins played the opening game of the tournament, inaugurating the Canadian University Men’s Rugby Championship this past Wednesday at 11 a.m. Less than a minute into play, the Thunderbirds took the lead with a successful try, the first of ten scored by UBC over the game. The first minute of game marked the beginning of uncontested play—the Paladins were unable to claw their way onto the scoreboard in the Quarterfinals. UBC will return for a Semifinals game against Queens and RMC will play the consolation Semi’s against Concordia on Friday.

Final score: 66-0 UBC 

Game 2—Guelph Gryphons vs Calgary Dinos

The Guelph Gryphons began their Quarterfinal game strong, scoring three tries evenly spread out across the first half. Feeling the pressure, the Dinos returned from half-time attempting to hold back the Gryphons but were ultimately unsuccessful. The gryphons scored three more tries but failed to break the Dinos spirit, as they notched their own try in the game in the final minutes of play. The Gryphons will continue on to the Semifinals facing the Victoria Vikes. The Dinos will compete in the consolation semifinals against the Dalhousie Tigers on Friday.

Final score: 34-05 Guelph

Game 3—Queen’s Gaels vs Concordia Stingers

The third Quarterfinal game between the Queens’s Gaels and the Concordia Stingers was the first heated matchup of the Championship—both teams competed fiercely throughout the game. Concordia placed the Gaels on the back foot with the first try of the game. The Gaels and Stingers traded tries across the rest of the first half, resulting in a 14-12 Gaels advantage. The Gaels held the lead for the rest of the game, eventually outmatching the Stingers. The Gaels will play their Semifinals game against the UBC Thunderbirds, and the Concordia Stingers will compete in the consolation Semifinals against the RMC Paladins on Friday.

Final score: 38-22 Queen’s

Game 4—Victoria Vikes vs Dalhousie Tigers

Concluding the Quarterfinal round, the Victoria Vikes shut down Dalhousie with an oppressive score of 72-0. The Vikes began scoring in the fourth minute, beginning an impressive and unending barrage of tries. The Vikes scored six tries in each half, while the Tigers were unable to put up any defensive points. The twelve tries were completed by eleven different players, highlighting the strength of the team. The Victoria Vikes will face the Gryphons in the Semifinals and the Dalhousie Tigers will compete in the consolation Semifinals against the Dinos on Friday.

Final Score: 72-0 Victoria


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