Kinky Boots to stop in Kingston on North American tour

This April, Kingston theatre fans get the rare opportunity to see a Broadway production, without even leaving the city. 
March 15, 2019

Minority Report spotlights marginalized students

Minority Report had audience members buckling with laughter at one moment and snapping their fingers in solidarity the next at the Rotunda Theatre on Wednesday night.
March 15, 2019

Queen’s debut for Rhinoceros in Love this week

For the cast of Rhinoceros In Love, performing their newest production is more than an extra-curricular activity—it’s a representation of their wider cultural heritage at Queen’s.
March 8, 2019

Studio 013 brings Shakespeare’s most gruesome play to life

Studio 013’s production of Shakespeare’s most violent play relishes in all the gory details. 
Using fashion to tell the history of humanity seems unorthodox, but it made perfect sense in this year’s Vogue Charity Fashion Show: Tempora Mantura (VCFS).
The Wolves is a sensitive, relatable invitation for every woman to see themselves on stage.  
Teachers will break into song and dance Thursday and Friday when the faculty of education stages an original production.
The story of a young woman struggling to defend her reproductive choice in 1920s Ottawa might not strike audiences as a hilarious, heartwarming romance. However, audiences would be proven wrong by Hannah Moscovtich’s What a Young Wife Ought to Know—on stage at the Grand Theatre until Feb. 17. 
It’s a truism that people seek out ideas to confirm their biases. 
In its opening song, Queen’s MusicalTheatre’s (QMT) winter production,If/Then poses the constant question: what if?

Pages woos the Isabel

November 23, 2018
For many, the most frightening thing about university is graduating. 
A clown, a horse girl, and Facebook meme poster David Vassos walk into a party.
In Judge and Jury, the higest court in the land was far from sober. 
Two-thousand years later, Birds still has something to sing about. 
Immersion theatre troupe Sheatre wants you to criticize their performance.
In his new stage thriller Butcher, playwrightNicolas Billon asks how we can balance peace and justice.
The Domino Theatre’s production of The Mouse House proves community theatre is alive, but not always good.  
In January of 2018, Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente proclaimed Albert Schultz will “never work in this town again—or, for that matter, in any theatre anywhere in Canada.”

Play relives Vimy Ridge

September 28, 2018
In Vimy, the character can’t forget the World War I battle they survived—their haunted memories are “all stuck in here.”
In most pop culture, feminist comedy is a punch line.
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