CESA candidates seek to change Council image

Team PACt runs unopposed for executive, plans to implement class representatives

Concurrent Education Society candidates Catherine Franey
Image by: Corey Lablans
Concurrent Education Society candidates Catherine Franey

The only team running for the Concurrent Education Student’s Association’s (CESA) executive wants greater transparency through the revised CESA Council.

Team PACt is comprised of presidential candidate Philip Lloyd, external vice-presidential candidate Ariel Fan and internal vice-presidential candidate Catherine Franey.

“When we have all this spirit and all this commitment to the program and to Queen’s, we see it as having so much potential,” Lloyd, ConEd ’13, said.

One of the team’s main priorities is building on the changes made to the CESA Council this month by the current CESA executive. The motions passed resulted in a decrease in council members from 43 to 23.

Lloyd said this was due to the overrepresentation of students by those with voting power. Lloyd has sat on CESA’s Council for the past two years, formerly as community affairs commissioner and currently on the executive for the Queen’s Conference on Education.

Lloyd said that the number of students in ConEd has increased and the revision of the Council was necessary to ensure that the Council adequately addresses student needs and interests.

Franey said making the Council smaller will help students become more aware and engaged in what the Council does.

“We want people to see [the Council] as welcoming and open body, rather than what it is right now, where people see it as more than less of a secret. People don’t really know what goes on there,” Franey, ConEd ’13, said.

The team also hopes to increase ConEd merchandise through the sale of items like mugs and pens.

“Before that the main ConEd merchandise was clothing,” Lloyd said. “We wanted to kind of extend that and have a few more options available.”

— With files from Katherine Fernandez-Blance

Online voting occurs on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. PACt’s platform can be viewed on their Facebook event, ‘PACt for CESA Exec.’


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