Cezanne’s Closet returns to Union Gallery

Student-led fundraiser bolsters Queen’s arts community and beyond

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Cezanne’s Closet offers guaranteed artwork to ticketholders.

Cezanne’s Closet, an annual student-led art fundraiser, is returning to Union Gallery this month. Cezanne’s Closet has been a staple of Union Gallery since it opened in 1994, offering donated pieces from artists based in the Kingston community and across the country.

With a $100 ticket, attendees to the online event can take home an artwork of their choosing based on a lottery system: they may pick from what’s available when their number is called. Event ticketholders are guaranteed to go home with a work of art. 

In an interview with The Journal, Hadley Howes, Ph.D., Chair of Cezanne’s Closet and the Curatorial Assistant at Union Gallery, noted how the fundraiser is a fantastic opportunity for those curious about art to dabble in art collecting.

“It’s such a beautiful opportunity for people who aren’t used to collecting art to try collecting and also find things that are affordable and also really beautiful for their spaces,” Howes said.

Although the fundraiser provides a vital source of income for Union Gallery, Cezanne’s Closet is ultimately focused on bolstering the arts community at Queen’s and Kingston. Union Gallery has expanding connections with programs at Queen’s and artists across the country. 

“[Union Gallery] has expanded its network within the school, and it’s also expanded its network throughout the Kingston community,” Howes told The Journal that Queen’s alumni moving on to cities across Canada has facilitated further expansion for the gallery.

A vital part of the fundraiser this year is to renew and strengthen the connection between Union Gallery and Queen’s at large. Cezanne’s Closet hopes to help fine arts students by having them participate in this student-run exhibition.

“Continuing these connections is also part of the strength of developing a long-term, long-lasting, but also wide-reaching network of support,” Howes said.

The lineup of work appearing at Cezanne’s Closet is set to amaze audiences this year. Howes has been inspired by the generosity of artists donating their work to the fundraiser.

“[The art] is really amazing, and so generous, and so beautiful,” they said. “I was just like ‘oh, I need to get my ticket right now.’ 

Although online, the event promises to be an interactive, engaging night with several artists in attendance. The format of the event has called for imagination on the part of the fundraiser’s organizers to keep the proceedings lively. 

“There’s always the kind of creativity that goes with developing and event online,” Howes said. “I’m really excited about what it’s going to look like […] and that kind of good feeling and gathering.”

From prints to paintings, Cezanne’s Closet will have a wide variety of artworks available. With large and small pieces set to be on display, those interested in attending the event can preview the works in person ahead of time.

“I would suggest that people go and see the works in person, because there’s some really beautifully detailed smaller works that you need to be close to them to be able to receive everything that’s going on.”

The in-person preview of the works available at Cezanne’s Closet will be held in Union Gallery from Jan. 17 to Feb. 4. The live online event will be happening on Feb. 4 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Tickets, although not yet on sale, can be purchased from Union Gallery’s website.


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