CFRC Business Manager fired

CFRC’s Business Manager has been terminated from his position.

The decision was given yesterday in a meeting between Ayanda Mngoma, the radio station’s former business manager and members of the AMS.

Mngoma said he wasn’t told what would be discussed at the meeting.

“There was no forewarning or foreshadowing in any way that my position was going to cut,” Mngoma said.

According to the AMS, the decision came about as a result of their Board of Directors restructuring CFRC’s management to reduce the station’s deficit, a process that begun last April after a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the AMS and Radio Queen’s University, CFRC’s license holder.

The agreement stipulated the gradual separation of CFRC from the AMS by 2014, which includes deficit coverage of $8,000 for this year.

The AMS released a report today regarding CFRC’s budgetary concerns, which stated that the dissolution of Mgnoma’s position is expected to “[reduce] the load CFRC’s management salaries bore on their budget by approximately $10,000.”

“While the Board hopes to continue a positive relationship with CFRC moving forward, all further discussions are conducted under the understanding that this decision is indeed final and necessary actions to follow-through on it have been taken as per AMS HR policy and in consultation with legal counsel,” Rob Gamble, chair of the AMS Board of Directors told via e-mail.

For a full update, see Friday’s issue of the Journal.



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