CFRC raises 80 per cent of fundraising goal

10th annual fundraising drive included live programming, gift incentives, option for online donation

CFRC’s annual funding drive ran from Feb. 6-15
Image by: Natasa Bansagi
CFRC’s annual funding drive ran from Feb. 6-15

CFRC came close to hitting its $25,000 target in its 10th annual funding drive — but its efforts aren’t over yet.

Donations received until April 30 — or until the $25,000 goal is raised — will be counted toward the drive’s total. As of press time, $20,196 had been raised: $18,724 in paid donations and $1,472 in as-yet-unpaid donations

The official drive took place from Feb. 6-15.

CFRC Operations Officer Kristiana Clemens told the Journal via email that the money would be used mainly for technical equipment purchases and training programs, adding that the station is looking to improve its website, apps and training programs this year.

New developments in this year’s drive included an online donation platform and gift incentives, including a CFRC Friends Card for discounts at local businesses and a cross-stitch artwork.

The drive’s slogan, Home is where the Hi-Fi is, fused “home is where the wi-fi is” and “home is where the heart is”.

“Staff and volunteers were brainstorming a slogan for this year’s campaign that would highlight how CFRC is more mobile than ever,” Clemens said.

“Our Funding Drive also happens over Valentine’s Day each year, so we also like to highlight the love our community has for the station.”

CFRC Programming Manager Brendon Wilson said he coordinated with the station’s more than 80 programmers to deliver “live, innovative programming” during the funding drive, which included bringing guests, like musicians and local activists, on air.

An example of this type of programming was an interview with Canadian band Stars, said Wilson, ArtSci ’14.

“They’re a band that started out with community radio and kind of have grown and evolved into a huge band in Canada, and they said some nice things and were very supportive of community radio, even though they’re being played on commercial radio across the country,” he said.

“So that was one piece of programming that really jumped out.”

Wilson also worked with Music Resources Manager Cameron Willis to create “CFRC Sessions”, an album of local and touring bands that have recorded in the station’s studios in the past year. The album was part of the gift incentives for donors.

Former CFRC music programming manager Michael Morreale is a current donor who said he supported the funding drive because working at CFRC has done “good things” for his career.

He said the station is among the few places on campus where there’s a “meaningful collaboration” between campus and the community.

“Where relations between town-gown can get quite strained, I think this is an example of doing things right,” Morreale said.

CFRC volunteer Libby Drew has been volunteering at the station since 2007. This year, alongside station staff, she sat on a committee to help with the funding drive, during which she included special programming in her weekly show and answered the phone line for donations, among other things.

Drew, ArtSci ’12, said the drive helps connect volunteers to the “bigger picture”.

“Every week and year that you’re at CFRC, it can be easy to get lost in your own show. You go in once a week for a couple of hours and then go home,” she said.

“[The funding drive is] good because it reminds people that they are part of something really good and positive, as opposed to just the regular routine.”

As a non-profit radio station, Drew said the drive provides CFRC with immediate engagement with and feedback from the community.

“The funding drive is that perfect time of year that we are accountable to and able to connect with and know that we are impacting the people that we’re producing content for, constantly,” she said.



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