CFRC rehires business manager

Nearly two months after being fired, Ayanda Mngoma returned to work on Monday

After being fired from his position of CFRC Business Manager almost two months ago, Ayanda Mngoma has been rehired, effective this past Monday.

Mngoma was terminated after the business manager position was dissolved on Oct. 2 by the AMS Board of Directors in an attempt to balance the station’s projected $19,000 deficit for the year.

On Nov. 8, CFRC representatives put forward a new budget proposal that was passed at the AMS Corporate General Meeting, which reinstated the business manager position for the station.

Reapplying for the position was a natural step after it was reopened for new applicants, Mngoma said.

“I originally applied for the business manager position and I liked [it] and so once the position reopened, I still had the same feelings I had about the position itself when I applied back in April.”

After Mngoma was fired, CFRC projected a $7,000 loss in advertising sales and in-kind promotional income, citing disruption in their business operations. 

“That revenue shouldn’t be really lost now that I’m back … we should be alright and not lose that much.”

The hiring panel for the business manager position consisted of the AMS vice-president of operations,, the media services director and CFRC’s operations officer as well as the radio club president.

Tristan Lee, AMS vice-president of operations, said Mngoma was rehired because he was best suited for the job.

“We’re happy with how the hiring process went and felt we hired the best applicant for the position,” Lee, ArtSci ’12, said. “There’s been a lot of work put in by the CFRC management and its advisory board so that they do have the potential to be financially sustainable.”

In August, CFRC’s original budget model for this year was rejected by the AMS Board.

Lee said the new budget for CFRC that was passed should have come earlier.

“I believe strongly [that it] should have been done months ago but I’m glad it has been done so we can move forward.”

— With files from Julia Vriend


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