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East coast native brings his Celtic roots to his worldwide shows

Tim Chaisson used to perform with his backup band Morning Fold. They recorded four albums together before Chaisson went solo.
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Tim Chaisson used to perform with his backup band Morning Fold. They recorded four albums together before Chaisson went solo.

It’s been a while since Tim Chaisson has had a day off.

The P.E.I. native and singer/songwriter has been busy shaping his music career since 2002.

“I’m kind of constantly on tour,” he said.

Chaisson has been traveling with his own East Coast teaser while on tour — having recently come from playing New York City to playing out west in the Canadian prairies.

Kingston is next on his list.

Chaisson will be putting his dreamy brand of acoustic stylings on display at the Mansion with hopes of charming his audience with his latest solo tunes.

While he used to play in a band called Tim Chaisson & Morning Fold, Chaisson said his solo act will have more focus on the songs.

“With this record I wanted to make something where I could recreate [life stories] in all different shapes and forms,” he said.

While his solo music and his group music both focus primarily on tales of life and love, his solo songs are simpler and feel more personally intimate.

Simple melodic tunes accompany his heartfelt lyrics, making Chaisson successful at producing an album that will tug more firmly on his audience’s heartstrings than ever before.

His knack for all things musical is evident in the live performance clips he’s posted on YouTube — displaying his flawless vocal abilities and his capability to masterfully play a myriad of different instruments.

Chaisson has been fine-tuning this ability to sing ardent love songs to audiences for many years. Music-making runs in the family, he said.

“I’m a sixth generation fiddle player and I was basically brought into it by family … when I was 14 I started playing bass in a [contemporary Celtic] band with [my cousins] … and I haven’t stopped playing since then.”

It’s from these roots that he gets his distinct east coast flair — something he tries to bring to his shows regardless of where he’s playing.

Soon he’ll bring this to Australia where he’ll be playing for a month.

Chaisson said people in Australia don’t really know about Canadian musical artists, but it’s his third time playing there.

“Whenever you go to Australia, the majority of people are fairly unfamiliar with Canadians and Canadian music.”

World traveler or not, Chaisson is sure to bring thoughts of his home back east with him everywhere he plays.

Tim Chaisson plays the Mansion on Nov. 6 at 9 p.m.


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