Colour Theory to play at The Mansion

Colour Theory performs at the Mansion for the first time

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Colour Theory performed at the Mansion on Sept. 15.

Late Tuesday night, Colour Theory brightened a small Stauffer study room with bandmate lore and pre-show rituals in time for that night’s show.

The up-and-coming student band is preparing to play their first performance at The Mansion on Sept. 15 as openers for Kings of Queens. The band features Becca Otsuki, Sci ’25 and Daniel Todorovic, Comm ’25 as the guitar and vocals, Jacob Badali, Sci ’25 on bass, and Gavin Scott, Sci ’25 on drums.

The origins of the name Colour Theory bloomed in Otsuki’s bedroom the night before their first show, where they openedfor Matilde’s Room at Musikki. The group needed a name to play at Musikki.

“It was the only name that seemed to roll off the tongue, but the significance is zero,” Todorovic said.

The band began when Todorovic was searching for artists to perform with him at Common Ground Coffeehouse (CoGro). He completed his quest for musicians by recruiting his childhood friend from kindergarten, Badali, and Tinder match Otsuki. Scott joined the group three weeks ago througha class connection with Badali.

After performing at CoGro, Todorovic saw the band’s potential. After Colour Theory was officially formed,they played their first show at Musikki last winter term.

“There was a progression where we got lucky enough to have some opportunities to launch our careers,” Todorovic said.

Since Colour Theory’s debut last year, they’ve been asked to open for numerous bands, but found it difficult to find time to practice together. They anticipate scheduling will be harder once the term picks up and they balance school and extracurriculars with the band.

Playing with different bands helped Colour Theory get involved in the music scene. After playing for established, touring group New Friends,Colour Theory had an influx of listeners. This was when Kings of Queens approached the group and asked if they’d like to open their upcoming Mansion show.

Whether the show is sold out or not, Colour Theory is excited to play their original songs for the audience. The songs are a combination of their talents.

“I’ve written a song about a trip I took down the highway and the different things I’ve seen,” Otsuki said.

Once the lyrics and guitar pieces are written, the lyricists get together with Badali and Scott to write the bass and drums for the piece.

“I can write stuff independently for now and bring it to Jacob and Gavin to work their magic,” Todorovic said.

Living in Kingston has given the band a sense of unity—they’re only 10 minutes away from each other and the venues.

“I think it’s influenced us in the sense that it’s a lot of fun when you’re so close to all your friends who you’re doing this with and where you’re playing. It’s very communal,” Badali said.

In comparison to his hometown Toronto, Badali said playing in Kingston is more convenient. There’s a sense of ease and comfort when performing in Kingston.

“There’s less barriers, and great musicians come to town so you can go and watch their stuff,” he said.

Just before the show begins tonight at 9 p.m.,they’ll be drinking a pint as their pre-performance ritual.


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