Commerce candidates push expansion and reform

Two teams running for Commerce Society executive in the business of student innovation

If elected for for Commerce Society (ComSoc) executive, team JKJ wants to focus on reforming existing services over creating new ventures.

Made up of presidential candidate Jaril Valenciano, vice-president (internal) candidate Katie Shaw and vice-president (external) candidate Jill Shaver, their platform centres around three pillars: “Connect, Explore, Excite.”

The team plans to increase the visibility of Society activities, clarify Assembly roles and activities and make the society a more transparent organization. Specific measures include a social media awareness campaign.

The team hopes to see a broad range of student involvement if elected. They would also look to improve commerce committees and reduce the cost of using Goodes Hall facilities.

“We see commerce as an incubator within the four main streams. It’s never something that looks at you as an individual,” Valenciano, Comm ’14, said. “That’s never something that’s internalized within the Commerce Society. It’s allowing students to create their own opportunities.”

The team also hopes to mobilize students to create new events and activities within the society. Valenciano, speaking on behalf of his teammates, both of whom are on exchange abroad, said that starting something new can be daunting. ComSoc bears the responsibility of supporting and developing student potential in this respect.

“We want to position people in a low-risk environment in which everyone can participate. We need to promote calculated risk-taking,” he said.

On their website, JKJ allows users to submit platform points for review and adoption by the team, in addition to their main static platform.

“A lot of people were coming up to our booths with a lot of ideas. It’s an opportunity for students to communicate feasible or actionable ideas that we can implement if elected,” he said.


In order to foster innovation, if elected, team TCA hopes to generate a culture in which students aren’t afraid to fail.

Made up of presidential candidate Tyler Hennick, vice-president (internal) candidate Ashton Menuz and vice-president (external) candidate Charlie Prussky, the team hopes to encourage the creation of new committees and ComSoc businesses, while pairing upper and lower years in both.

“Making sure students that have new ideas have the access to resources is a priority,” Hennick, Comm ’14, said.

Both of his running mates are on exchange as well, so only the presidential candidates met in yesterday’s debate.

TCA proposes a shift in focus onto students outside the four major streams, as well as student entrepreneurs, through the development of mentorship programs and external faculty connections.

“Specifically, but not limited to, EngSoc and COMPSA,” Hennick said. “We have business students with ideas, but we don’t have students that can code or construct.” Furthermore, the team wants to bring support for marketing and finance recruitment in line with consulting and accounting, namely, through the development of a Queen’s Marketing Association.

“We want to make the voice of people interested in alternate career paths heard,” Hennick said.

“Achieving success” is also important to the team. It consists of establishing a dedicated undergraduate case competition group.

The team hopes to expand upon ComSoc gains after what Hennick sees as a remarkably successful outgoing executive.

“In the spirit of continual improvement, we want to use the base that this executive has built to launch many new opportunities,” he said, “More so adding things and filling in gaps that currently exist as opposed to changes things that have already been fixed [by the previous exec].”

Voting takes place on Jan. 29 and 30.


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