Commerce Society collects data from student body to lobby for Commerce curriculum changes

ComSoc EDII Curriculum Survey receives 400 submissions

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ComSoc is in the process of piecing together the findings of the survey.

As part of the University-wide move to implement equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigeneity (EDII) action plans, the Smith Commerce Society has opened a line of communication with Commerce students regarding course material, curriculum composition, and learning environments at the Smith School of Business. 

The EDII survey, which has received approximately 400 submissions to date, will be used as quantitative evidence to support the anecdotal claims students and Smith alumni have expressed on various platforms. 

“We are hoping this will encourage professors to take a critical look at their curriculum and make the changes necessary to ensure a better classroom environment,” Jordana Borzellino, ComSoc academic advisor, wrote in a statement to The Journal. 

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According to Borzellino, the Society is presently in the process of formulating results and piecing together the findings. 

Due to the high volume of results, Borzellino highlighted the importance of handling the data with care and said ComSoc will prioritize transparency once the results are synthesized. 

Seby Monsalve, ComSoc president, noted the Society has had great success with the EDII Curriculum Survey and plans to continue using the platform as a form of data collection. 

“Our EDII Curriculum Survey is a product of months of [Borzellino’s] tireless labour, which came to fruition with the support of many Smith faculty and students. It is imperative that students participate in surveys like our EDII Curriculum Survey,” Monsalve wrote. “This data drives ComSoc’s advocacy work and ensures our students who have seats across various Smith committees provide a representative picture of students’ needs and perceptions.” 

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Regarding the prioritization of amplifying student voices in discussions of racial injustice, Monsalve recalled the ‘What Students Want Professors to Know’ panel that took place on Aug. 27. 

He said ComSoc actively supported the Smith School of Business through the panel, featuring undergraduate Commerce students who met with many faculty members to discuss ideas and best practices for incorporating EDII in teaching and learning. 

“This year ComSoc has placed a strong focus on building our relationship with the Smith School of Business administration, and as a result, we have the privilege of representing the student voice on various committees/task forces/working groups at Smith in addition to regular meetings with senior leadership,” Monsalve wrote.

“We plan to continue to leverage surveys, focus groups, and town halls to garner the insights we need to best represent our peers.” 

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