ConEd students congregrate at CoGro

Students showcase creativity at this year’s first of two coffee house talent shows

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ConEd students take the stage at CoGro.
ConEd students take the stage at CoGro.

Welcoming Concurrent Education (ConEd) students to showcase their talents in front of their peers, Concurrent Education Students Association (CESA) held the first of their biannual open-microphone coffee house events at Common Ground.

On Tuesday night, Common Ground was packed due to the diligent promotional efforts of CESA’s social coordinators Kate Belmore and Emily Dyson, both ConEd ’16.

“Initially we had some bumps in the road, but we’ve done a lot of promo for it and I think it’s really helped,” Belmore said.

The performances ranged from singing and guitar playing, to spoken word and hula hooping.

“We try and encourage all kind of performances,” Belmore said.

The event serves as a reminder to ConEd students of the support they have for one another in their tight-knit community, said CESA Internal Vice-President Elisabeth Beard.

“It’s a great way to remind us of the Con-Ed community when we all get together and support each other and our talents.” she said.

The fall coffee house also acts as a platform for CESA to advertise and raise money for the annual faculty formal in March.

Students are encouraged to donate to CESA as well as vote on the formal theme during the coffee house.

“It’s a great advertisement and fundraiser for formal. This year we get to vote on the theme, which is a lot of fun,” Beard said.

Audience members and performers said they recognized the importance of attending the coffee house event to support their faculty and peers.

“It’s always an incredible experience to see your friends and other ConEd students doing such incredible things,” Katy McNally, ConEd ’17, said.

“I’m really happy and proud to be part of such a welcoming faculty.” Taylor Katzel has played in the fall coffee house every year during his time at Queen’s.

“I think that ConEd is unbelievably talented in general,” Katzel, ConEd ‘16, said.

“Every year I’ve been here you see people that will blow your mind.”


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