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The Journal recognizes outstanding contributing writers for the month of September.

Landon Wilcock

Landon Wilcock’s contribution to The Journal took an immense amount of courage. His Opinion piece about sexual assault on campus was extremely powerful and communicated a critical message to students. Though it wasn’t an easy experience to write about, Landon was a pleasure to work with and The Journal appreciates his willingness to discuss such a prevalent and difficult subject.

Pamoda Wijekoon

Pamoda Wijekoon is a hard-working and reliable contributor. A talented writer, she’s proven her skills as an interviewer and written on everything from Jane Austen to local Kingston artists. Since starting with the Arts section this summer, Pamoda has met tough deadlines easily while delivering some of the section’s best stories. Her friendly attitude and openness to feedback have been major assets to our arts coverage and have made her a pleasure to work with over the past few months. We’re all looking forward to seeing what Pamoda does next.

Zier Zhou

Zier has been writing for Lifestyle since the very beginning. She’s passionate about her writing, pitches great ideas and always sends in the articles promptly. She writes extremely well and all the articles she writes get her point across effortlessly. Lifestyle is extremely lucky to have Zier write for the section with her diverse interests and commitment to the job. We’re so excited to see Zier continue to grow as the year progresses at The Journal.

Madeline Heinke

Even though Maddie has written for The Journal before, in her most recent article about her decision not to report her sexual assault, she outdid herself. We’re so in awe of Maddie’s bravery and strength for writing about such a personal issue. Maddie has written about mental health for The Journal in past years and we truly believe with those and her most current article, her candidness and willingness to talk about hard issues in the newspaper is going to help people around campus feel less alone in their struggles — and for that we are grateful. 


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