Creative homemade Halloween costumes

DIY Halloween costumes are a great way to create an original costume while having fun making it in the process. There are a lot of creative ways to take what you already have in your wardrobe and use it to transform yourself for the night.

A great costume doesn’t have to cost you much if you make the right tweaks to what you already own and add the right accessories. Dressing up is fun, but can also be expensive and time-consuming.

That said, there are ways to avoid the stress and still have a memorable costume. These ideas are versatile and can be altered depending on your gender, budget and style.

1. Zombies

This is a quick and easy costume idea, especially if you need to throw something together at the last minute. All you need is a plain t-shirt, fake blood and dark eye shadow.

You can buy plain white t-shirts from Phase 2 Clothing at 353 Princess St. or use one of your own if you don’t mind tearing it up. Cut your t-shirt and smear fake blood on it to your liking. Use eye shadow to create the dead look around your eyes, or if you’re really committed, cut back on sleep a few days prior to Halloween night.

This costume offers many opportunities to be creative and add what you would like to create the ultimate zombie look.

2. Presents

On a brighter note, dressing up as presents is a fun costume to do in a group, in pairs or individually. If you already have a black dress (or any other colour you would prefer to use), then you can purchase the rest of your costume accessories at the dollar store on Princess St.

Attach a thick silver ribbon with safety pins around your waist and from top to bottom of the dress. Stick a bow in the middle, add a ribbon in your hair and you’re Halloween ready!

3. Pinata

In keeping with the party theme, a pinata costume is a great way to get creative and put a personal touch into your costume.

You can get a dress for fairly cheap from Phase 2 or H&M. Stretch the dress over the back of the chair to make it taut and glue streamers around it with fabric glue. Use regular glue to attach streamers around party hats, which you can purchase from any dollar store.

This costume requires few materials, but a little more time than the others. Once the glue dries, you’re ready to go!

4. Scarecrow

With this costume, you may be able to make good use of the clothes that you already have in your wardrobe.

Just throw a pair of overalls over a plaid shirt, and give it some character with fabric patches and some straw. Fasten these by either sewing them down or using fabric glue. Use face paint to draw seams on your face and use red face paint for circles on your cheeks.

This is a traditional and easy to make unisex costume that incorporates few materials and your own clothing.

5. Hippie

If you have a tie-dye shirt, light-wash jeans and a cool pair of shades, you’re ready to go.

You can make a hairband out of a piece of fabric or buy one from the dollar store. If you want to tie-dye your shirt yourself, you can purchase a plain white t-shirt from Phase 2 and fabric paint from Wallack’s Art Supplies store on Princess Street.

This is a fun costume that allows a lot of variation and creativity for both guys and girls ― and the accessory combinations are endless!


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