Debunked bomb threats made downtown on St. Patrick’s Day

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Amid the yearly spike in calls and complaints to Kingston Police on St. Patrick’s Day this year, two unsubstantiated bomb threats were made involving establishments in the downtown core of Kingston.

The threats were made and responded to between midnight and 2:00 a.m. in the early hours of March 18, as revellers were heading home after a long day of celebrations, with many still spilling onto the streets. 

Both threats were found to be hoaxes, and Kingston Police are still investigating the source of both complaints. A police press release stated that, should the individuals responsible be identified, criminal charges would be laid for the false alarms. 

Const. Cameron Mack wrote in his release that “the public should be aware that this type of hoax/prank is a serious matter. When emergency resources are utilized for a complaint that turns out to be a hoax/prank, the concern is the availability and response time for a real emergency.” 

When The Journal contacted Const. Mack for further comment, he relayed that “being this is an active investigation we can’t comment on any suspect information at this time.”

According to information from the Whig-Standard, the entire day went fairly well from a first response and policing standpoint. Co-operative students were spared Liquor Licence infraction tickets and asked to pour out open beverages on the street. Less co-operative students were given fines to the amount of $125 each. 

Jeff Burgess, who was the Frontenac Paramedic Services superintendent on duty, told The Whig that the crowd around the University District was well behaved during the day and that everyone appeared to be having a good time. That said, eight individuals were transferred to hospital, most for over-intoxication. 

The annual sea of green-clad students that forms on Aberdeen St. for the festivities was dispatched by 4 p.m without any more issue than a few tossed snowballs.


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