‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ headcanons, part five

Where I see our favourite and not-so-favourite Degrassians today

Most of the Studs are back in TO.

Story: Emma Nelson & Spinner Mason, class of 2007

After six years of part-time studies, Emma graduated from the University of Toronto’s (UofT) political science program. Still mostly happily married to Spinner Mason, the couple runs The Dot together and are excited to open up for indoor dining again soon. Emma is a huge fan of Instagram activism but is often called out by Manny Santos for overstepping—she’s listening and learning, folks. Manny’s panicked visits are a perfect chance for Spinner to catch up with Jay Hogart.

Peter Stone, class of 2008

A proud UofT graduate, Peter spent a few years climbing the ladder at the music studio where Maya Matlin completed her co-op term. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only intern whom he gave the wrong idea, so he was let go early in the pandemic. Since then, he’s back at The Dot working for Spinner, where there are plenty of Studs reunions. As always, he’s working on himself, and whatever questionable thing he got up to last week is the “old Peter.”

Sav Bhandari, class of 2011

Always a charmer, Sav attended the Berklee College of Music where he had a couple of student-professor relationships before processing his time with Winnie Oh. While pursuing music part-time, Sav successfully ran for a seat on Toronto City Council and is eyeing a liberal seat in the upcoming provincial election. Alli Bhandari hopes he’ll make the switch to the NDP, but it’s hard for her to give him intimidating glares all the way from Kingston.

Marisol Lewis & Mo Mashkour, class of 2013

While Marisol attended the Schulich School of Business, Mo worked nearby as a bartender—don’t tell his Muslim parents! They’ve lived together in North York for years now, where they often host Katie Matlin and Jake Martin. With Spinner, Peter, and Sav nearby, Mo still records music. Marisol spends her days at an accounting firm and most of her nights asking Mo if he’d still love her if she was a worm. Most of the time, his answer is yes.

Bianca DeSousa & Drew Torres, class of 2013 & 2014

After Bianca graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an honours degree in economics, she returned to Toronto and reconnected with Drew. Thrilled at the reunion, Audra Torres lent them enough cash to open their very own cell phone kiosk. The business is now expanding, and Drew was recently able to get Bianca the ring she deserved. Alli and Mike Dallas are driving up for the wedding this summer, and there will be a cardboard cut-out of best man Adam Torres.

Winston Chu, class of 2016

Winston recently graduated from the X University School of Journalism with a specialization in broadcast journalism. He’s currently interning with CTV, only partially because of Hollingsworth family connections. He’s planning on moving in with Miles Hollingsworth III, who has to get out of the mansion soon. Winston’s also still in touch with Goldi Nahir, but they don’t use Snapchat. 

Frankie Hollingsworth, class of 2017

Like her brother Hunter Hollingsworth, Frankie was accepted into Queen’s general science program. While she gave university her best shot, she was quickly called out for trying to buy friendships and dropped out in her first year. She now works under Mayor Hollingsworth at City Hall. Occasionally, she’ll find herself stalking Jonah Haak and Grace Cardinal on Instagram. Shay Powers and Lola Pacini used to rush right over when they got her 9-1-1 texts, but lately they have less patience.


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