‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ headcanons, part three

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Marco Del Rossi, Class of 2006

Once Marco got his teaching degree from the University of Toronto (UofT), he had a brief stint at Upper Canada College—where he tried profusely to keep the toxic straight boys in line and helped a few young gay men along the way. He’s now back to teaching in the public school system, on track to becoming administrator, and he was out protesting the lifting of mask mandates this past Monday. 

Manny Santos, Class of 2007

Manny’s still happily in love with Jay Hogart, who moved to California at the start of the pandemic and hasn’t left since. Emma Nelson and Spinner Mason are frequent visitors of their West Hollywood loft. While she starred in a few indie movies and paid the bills for a while on foreign commercials, she’s now working on some screenwriting projects. Manny wants to be a storyteller for Filipina-Canadian women like her. She’s also still rocking bangs. 


Anya MacPherson, Class of 2011

Anya did get very close to enlisting in the military, but she failed another drug test after she and Riley Stavros assumed marijuana didn’t count. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After a year at community college, Anya was accepted to UofT, where she graduated with a psychology degree. An unexpected academic after finally getting the support she needed, Anya works with children with dyslexia.


Fiona Coyne, Class of 2013

Fiona went to Milan to work with renowned designer Cavalieri, but much like Miles Hollingsworth III, her bejeweled creations with infinite layers didn’t translate beyond Degrassi’s halls. However, our lesbian queen is never one to give up—you can find her showing off her creations on Instagram, which are getting better every day. With a little help from Mama Coyne, she’s working on her second Toronto showcase. 


Jenna Middleton & Connor DeLaurier, Class of 2014

Jenna and Connor headed to California together—with Jenna graduating from the Los Angeles School of Recording Arts and Connor from the California Institute of Technology (CalTech). They moved back to Toronto and often drive up to Kingston on the weekends to see Alli Bhandari and Mike Dallas. Jenna’s one of the best sound engineers that Sandbox Studios has seen yet, and Connor has a great work-from-home gig with Alphabet.


Maya Matlin & Zig Novak, Class of 2016

Maya and Zig headed to California where Maya was attending SoCal Arts. While they got back together after graduation and the first few months were great, they broke up quickly after Campbell Saunders came up—they never were good at communication. Maya’s on a SoundCloud beat now and Zig’s back in Toronto taking care of his mom’s convenience store. 


Tiny Bell, Class of 2016

An expert at minding his own business, Tiny graduated early from CalTech in 2019. He works with Connor at Alphabet, except he’s at their Mountain View headquarters in California. He’s helping his brother, Vincent Bell, who’s currently on probation, get his life back on track. He’s also a proud supporter of Liberty Van Zandt’s upcoming campaign for city councillor.


Shay Powers, Class of 2017

Shay headed to the University of Southern California on a full scholarship for track. At the time, she was hoping she might get back together with Tiny, but she found her beat. She graduated with honours in Biology, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her, and she’s now at UofT’s medical school. She and Lola Pacini have weekly girls’ nights.

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