‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ headcanons, part two

Where I see our favourite and not-so-favourite Degrassians today

In this house

Hazel Aden, Class of 2006

Hazel, one of Degrassi’s earliest “It Girls,” attended Queen’s and graduated with a nursing degree. In her time here, she dabbled in student activism while spending her fair share of nights at Stages. She’s worked in Toronto since graduation, and she’s mostly stayed away from partying during the pandemic—but when Paige Michalchuk calls, she always goes running.

Liberty Van Zandt, Class of 2007

Our queen Liberty attended Smithdale—Degrassi’s version of York University—and headed straight to Osgoode Hall Law School. She was called to the Bar of Ontario on her first try and has practiced ever since, working closely with vulnerable Degrassi youth.

She’s hoping to run for a Toronto City Councillor seat soon, and in honor of J.T. Yorke, Liberty plans to run on an anti-teen-violence platform. Emma Nelson is already slated to be her campaign manager.

Jane Vaughn, Class of 2008

After a magical post-graduation trip to Manhattan, Jane headed to Stanford University, where she graduated with honours in Kinesiology. Her first year was hellish because of freshly married Spinner Mason, but she quickly found her stride. She lives in California with her girlfriend, where she works with Stanford athletics and writes music that occasionally goes TikTok viral.

Riley Stavros & Zane Park, Class of 2011

Riley and Zane were on-and-off for most of their first year at Eastern University. After spending some time apart, they got back together in third year and have been going strong ever since. They live in Toronto, where Riley coaches football at Degrassi and Zane is a researcher at the University of Toronto. They have dinner with Mrs. Stavros every Thursday night.

Becky Baker, Class of 2014

After heading off to the University of Vermont, good girl Becky went a little crazy—nipple piercings, psychedelic drugs, and many hookups with not-so-Christian men. Eventually, she got back to her roots and is approaching faith with a new outlook. She works as a high school teacher in Florida, where she’s an avid supporter of bystander intervention training. She hasn’t forgiven Luke Baker and doesn’t plan to.

Alli Bhandari & Mike Dallas, Class of 2014

While Alli was studying bioscience at the University of Cambridge and Mike was playing hockey in Japan, they decided to take a break so they could both see the world on their own. After Alli’s early graduation, they rekindled their romance and now live together in Kingston. Alli is getting her Ph.D. at Queen’s and Mike is a social worker who works closely with the children of teen parents. Alli still can’t believe how kind love can be.

Miles Hollingsworth III, Class of 2016

To be clear, we loveMiles. Our favourite bad boy attended London Writer’s Academy, as planned, but it turns out some of his most iconic pieces—”This assignment sucks, and Tristan also sucks”—don’t have the same charm outside the halls of Degrassi.

He eventually graduated and, missing Winston Chu, is back to living at the Hollingsworth mansion. You can catch him on his artsy YouTube channel, which hasn’t been getting as many views since he switched from onscreen to voiceover work. He’s still working to keep Frankie and Hunter Hollingsworth in line, and he’s unfortunately down to his last joint.

Lola Pacini, Class of 2018

After graduating a year later than her friends, Lola headed to Queen’s to study ConEd. While she loved the program and the local boba places even more, she dropped out after finding TikTok fame. She’s a popular beauty influencer now and, in true Lola fashion, does everything she can to speak up for her friends. She accidentally organizes a protest here and there, and she’s rocking purple hair.


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