DIY dorm decor under $10

These two super easy DIY crafts are a simple way to transform your dorm room from drab to fab! Room accents with a punch of colour can help refresh a dull dorm room and also help you keep organized for school.

A bulletin board and desk organizers are already a dorm desk staple, so why not make them fabulous? Here’s how to do it on a tight budget.


I found all my supplies at my local dollar store and the cost of these two projects came to an amazing total of $8.48. Dollar stores are the best places to find inexpensive craft supplies and they always have plenty of items in stock.

– Paint brushes

– Paint (I chose pink and white as colours)

– Scrap paper

– Masking or painters tape

– Small cardboard gift boxes

– Small corkboard

– Sponge

DIY ombre bulletin board

Time to make: 20 – 30 minutes

1. To create a chevron design, cut masking tape into 2.5 inch pieces, and create a zig zag pattern from left to right. Leave about 1.5 inches in between each zig zag. I used about 15 pieces of tape to complete my bulletin board.

2. Sponge the white paint onto the entire board. For the ombre effect, use the sponge to apply the pink paint while the white paint is still wet, with the most amount of paint on the bottom and spreading it slightly to the top. Keep blending with the sponge for a smooth gradient effect.

3. Wait about 30 minutes for the board to dry.

4. When dry to touch, carefully start peeling the masking tape to reveal your chevron pattern.

DIY desktop organizers

Time to make: 30 minutes

1. Start out with a clean surface. Make sure there isn’t any dust on the surface of the boxes and remove the lids.

2. With the masking tape, tape all around the edge of the box.

3. Using your desired paint colour, start painting the bottom. If you are using a lighter colour, you might need to do a couple coats of painting.

4. Wait for your boxes to dry for about 30 minutes. Once dry, peel off the tape carefully to reveal a clean line. I also added a few letter stickers to label my boxes.

If you’re feeling crafty, there are lots of DIY projects that can spruce up your dorm and are also extremely practical. They are a fabulous way to decorate your space on a budget and have some fun. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


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