Don’t sweat it

Tips and tricks to combat summer weather.

A shirt stained with armpit sweat.
Image by: Kailun Zhang
The dreaded armpit stain.

While the beginning of summer promises the latest style trends, grabbing drinks with old friends and taking frequent vacations to the cottage, it also promises the one thing we all loathe: sweat.

While sweat isn’t a bad thing when you’re working hard at the gym or between the sheets with your partner, it’s an unpleasant surprise throughout your day-to-day.

Other than the obvious solutions of showering extra frequently (but then you’re damaging your hair) and applying deodorant throughout the day (men, we know about the pit stains), how else can we perspiring creatures combat sweat?

Wear loose clothing

I know it might seem counterintuitive to wear clothes that are baggier and have more material, but it’ll keep you cooler.

Instead of grabbing tight short-shorts and a similar tight tank, opt for a breezy maxi dress, or a light cotton t-shirt.

In doing so, the clothes won’t stick to your skin and activate your sweat glands, keeping you drier than tight-fitting clothing can.

Avoid padded bras

On a hot, sticky day the last thing you want to wear is a tight bra that has three layers of padding to give you that extra oomph.

Boob sweat is the absolute worst, and acne on your chest isn’t the most attractive look. Instead, opt for an unlined bralette. It will provide maximum comfort, stability and breeze for your busty area.

Take a warm shower

When it’s 35 degrees outside and you’re sweating like Danny Castellano, taking a warm shower versus an ice cold one will actually lower your body temperature.

If the water is too cold your body will work hard to warm itself up and if it’s too hot, your body will continue sweating. Instead, go for a warm dip — not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

Don’t re-wear clothes

I know it seems easier to re-wear something you didn’t wear for very long on a hot day, but your clothing is filled with sweat, dead skin cells and dirt.

No matter how light the material is, these three inconveniences make your clothes less breathable and hot. So bite the bullet and do some laundry. Your body will thank you.

Not-so-flattering forehead sweat.
Not-so-flattering forehead sweat. 
(Photo by Kayla Thomson)

Buy cotton garment guards

Men, for your daily sweaty struggles — because you tend to sweat more heavily than women — try purchasing Garment Guards to insert into the sleeves of your shirt.

If you do happen to accumulate a sweat stain throughout the day (and don’t have a spare shirt lying around), try using a hand-sanitizing wipe to absorb the sweat. The alcohol from the wipe will help dry the damp spot.

Wear waterproof makeup

On hot and sweaty days, opt for waterproof make-up.

While others might have their make-up melting off their faces, you can continue on looking flawless.

Wear socks

When you feel yourself reaching for your easy-to-wear flip flops or sandals, opt for footwear like running shoes, which require socks.

Wearing flip flops means your feet are going to get extremely dirty. This dirt translates into heat, and ultimately leads to sweat.

Socks, on the other hand, absorb any foot sweat, keeping you cool and clean for longer.


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