Drinking violation write-ups drop in residence

Write-ups for underage drinking fall by 14, open alcohol by 18 and possession of beer bottles by two

Write-ups for underage drinking have fallen dramatically since 2012.
Write-ups for underage drinking have fallen dramatically since 2012.

Write-ups filed by dons in residence for underage drinking, open alcohol and possession of beer bottles during Orientation Week have decreased since 2012.

Arig al Shaibah, assistant dean of Student Affairs, told the Journal via email that dons issued four write-ups for underage drinking, 96 for open alcohol and one for possession of beer bottles this year.

The Journal reported last year that there were 18 write-ups given for underage drinking, 114 for open alcohol and three for the possession of beer bottles. In 2012, there were 46, 134 and seven, respectively.

There were a total of 195 in-residence alcohol violations during Orientation Week this year, an increase of two from 2013.

The alcohol ban in residence during Orientation Week was implemented in 2011. This followed the death of two first-year students in 2010, which led to a Coroner’s investigation. According to the 2011 Queen’s University Campus Alcohol Strategy report, “As a result of the investigation, the Coroner recommended the university review and make changes to the non-academic student discipline system, alcohol policies and alcohol management in residences, and work to change the ‘culture of drinking on campus.’”

A number of strategies to promote residence rules and “foster a campus culture that endorses healthy, responsible and low-risk drinking practices” were in place this year, al Shaibah said, including Orientation Week’s dry residence policy, communications to students regarding residence rules and training for dons and Residence Society (ResSoc) staff.

She added that a debriefing with dons, Residence Life staff and ResSoc will happen in the future to “see if we identify anything further throughout the year that could be applied to the first few weeks in residence.”

Kate Humphrys, health promotion coordinator at Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCDS), said that 35 students used Campus Observation Room (COR) services during Orientation Week.

27 students were assessed and admitted to the COR, of which 19 “self-identified as living in a Queen’s Residence.” Those who were not admitted were referred to advanced care, offered support over the phone or “supported in other ways, such as calling Queen’s First Aid,” she said.

COR volunteers spent more than 150 hours participating in Orientation Week outreach activities, including the Sidewalk Sale, Queen’s in the Park, tours and resource fairs.

The COR was open every evening from Monday to Saturday during Orientation Week, but Humphrys said, “Volumes of students using COR each night actually aren’t higher during Orientation week.

“Our operations follow standard procedures each night of Orientation Week and our usage on each night, to date, has been within our anticipated levels,” she said.


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