‘Drunk times are always the best’

Vancouver female duo The Pack A.D. are currently on a cross-country tour with Topanga

The Pack A.D. nearly stole their name from a college fraternity.
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The Pack A.D. nearly stole their name from a college fraternity.

Becky Black perused the aisles of Value Village in Charlottetown as she told me how she came to name her band.

The singer and guitarist of garage rock band The Pack A.D. remembered a strange fight with a college frat.

“We wanted to have a simple name, so Maya [Miller] suggested we call ourselves ‘the pack’ because the definition of a pack is two or more,” Black said. “The reason we added the A.D. at the end was because there was a college frat in California that got us booted off MySpace for taking their name.”

The female duo is currently on a cross-country tour with the boys from Toronto-based band Topanga and they’re planting roots in Kingston Thursday night.

Black said they’ll be playing a mix from their four studio albums and incorporating crowd favourites.

“My favourite part about playing songs is playing songs that people recognize,” she said. “At the same time, you go through a whole set and after every song the audience shouts ‘Sirens! Sirens!’ and it’s like ‘Come on, give the other songs a chance.’”

This happened at the band’s last gig at the Mansion.

“If we played every single song, it would be never-ending. Not to mention I would probably collapse,” she said.

But one thing she’s never tired of is celebrating Halloween. Her costume choice for this year was a vampire. A scary vampire, not a sparkly one, she said.

She found the costume she was looking for in P.E.I., but Black said the touring allows her to experience new things in different cities.

“We get to eat in different places around the world. Like yesterday, we had a lobster dinner because we were in the Maritimes and that’s not something we would be able to do just sitting around at home.” It doesn’t usually take lobsters to make her nights “memorable” though. Sometimes a few beers and her band mate do the trick.

“Drunk times are always the best. I don’t remember them, but I’m sure something did happen the night before because I always wake up the next morning and ask ‘Where am I?’”

The Pack A.D. plays the Mansion on Thursday at 9 p.m.


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