Editorials: Year in Review 2015-16

This year The Journal editorialized on topics ranging from the AMS’s actions to Aboriginal issues and lack of diversity at Queen’s.

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Talking down doesn’t turn out voters 

Youth voter turnout has been declining. Consequently, the issues that most affect youth are less of a concern for campaigning politicians. 

But talking down to the underrepresented — implying that their laziness or lack of interest is inhibiting them from participating in our democracy — only misrepresents them further.

— Journal Editorial Board

Illustration by Kia Kortelainen

How not to talk to students: an administrator’s guide 

Reactive blaming and shaming without discretion was the wrong move for Principal Daniel Woolf’s PR team. 

Earlier this week, Queen’s students received an email from Woolf that condemned students’ behaviour during Frosh Week. 

While students’ conduct was highly reprehensible, several suggestions made in Woolf’s email weren’t constructive or are downright contradictory. 

— Journal Editorial Board

Illustration by Kia Kortelainen

Strong isn’t the new skinny

If we want to celebrate strong women, we need to concern ourselves with more than how “toned” she looks.

Kate is The Journal’s Opinions Editor. She’s a fourth-year Philosophy major. 

AMS referendum decision lacks transparency 

When they decided to nullify the fall referendum results, the AMS didn’t just decide the fate of the election — student input was tossed out the window as well.

— Journal Editorial Board

Illustration by Kia Kortelainen

Aboriginal courses are relevant to students, so make them a priority 

Forcing students to take Aboriginal topics without addressing their significance to students’ education does a disservice to the importance of that subject. 

The problem with mandatory courses is that they try to force people to find a subject relevant to them, but often backfire because they’re perceived as a waste of time

— Journal Editorial Board

Diversity doesn’t belong on the backburner

Time and time again, Queen’s whiteness has been acknowledged by the University, by its students and its faculty. But we must ask — why hasn’t it changed?

— Journal Editorial Board

Illustration by Keith Saunders 

Sexual assault policy: Are we there yet?


Illustration by Keith Saunders

Yes, I’m aware I’m Asian

Here I was, expected to feel praised because, just in case I didn’t realize, I’m Asian. Not even a specific type of Asian. Just Asian.

Anna is The Journal’s Video Editor. She’s a third-year Biology major. 

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