Editors’ note

As the Journal enters its 142nd year, it’s set to undergo a few notable changes.

Starting in September, we’ll be releasing content every day on our website: queensjournal.ca.

As our production schedule adapts to how news is reported and consumed, we’re working to link the digital and print sides of the newspaper in the most effective, innovative way possible.

Our weekly print edition will still be published and distributed around campus every Friday. We’re committed to being the most dependable and comprehensive source for campus coverage, and to facilitating dialogue within the Queen’s community.

This summer, we’ve introduced a new editorial section: Lifestyle, in an effort to provide broader coverage on student life and culture at Queen’s. Over the coming months, we’ll also be producing several longform, interactive digital features, in the vein of our Homecoming and State of the University projects released this past year.

Feel free to email us at journal_editors@ams.queensu.ca with any questions or comments, or stop by the Journal house at 190 University Ave.

Thanks for reading.


Editor's, note

All final editorial decisions are made by the Editor(s)-in-Chief and/or the Managing Editor. Authors should not be contacted, targeted, or harassed under any circumstances. If you have any grievances with this article, please direct your comments to journal_editors@ams.queensu.ca.

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