Editors’ note

Effective this September, the Journal will be reducing its print production to one issue a week. Our 40-issue production schedule will remain, however, as we’ll be publishing a digital release every Tuesday in place of our print edition. The print edition will now be published on Fridays only.

While this decision was made due to long-term financial concerns, we’re using it as an opportunity to grow into the future. We remain committed to providing students with the most reliable and up-to-date campus news, and providing our staff the opportunity to develop as young journalists. At the same time, we’re looking out for the financial sustainability of the paper as the world of journalism changes.

Our Tuesday releases won’t simply be a digital version of our print edition. Instead, we hope to use this opportunity to expand our use of visual and interactive content while training our reporters to be multimedia journalists. Our aim is to integrate more videos, photo galleries and alternative story forms to our website to keep it as cutting-edge as possible.

Visit queensjournal.ca starting Sept. 10 to get a glimpse of what’s in store.


Editor's, note

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