Elections Preview: AMS Executive and Undergraduate Student Trustee Candidates

On Jan. 10, hopefuls for four roles met at an All-Candidates Meeting. These seven candidates are awaiting verification during a Jan. 19 AMS Assembly before campaigns can begin.

AMS Executive Candidates

Team MTW

Presidential Candidate (right): Aniqah Mair, CompSci ’18

Vice President Operations Candidate (left): Landon Wilcock, ArtSci ’18

Vice President University Affairs Candidate (centre): Julie Tran, ArtSci ’18

Team JBP

Presidential Candidate (centre): Jennifer Li, ConEd ’17

Vice President Operations Candidate (left): Brian Mackay, ArtSci ’17

Vice President University Affairs Candidate (right): Palmer Lockridge, ArtSci ’17

Undergraduate Student Trustee Candidate

Victoria Chappell, ArtSci ’19

Schedule of events


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