EngSoc sets re-opening date for Clark Hall Pub

‘Molson Rocks Wednesday’ on Oct. 8 to kick off three-day re-opening celebrations

The newly renovated Clark Hall Pub features a fresh paint job
The newly renovated Clark Hall Pub features a fresh paint job

After being closed for more than a year due to questionable accounting and operating practices, Clark Hall Pub will re-open its doors on Oct. 8.

Engineering Society President Jordan Black, Sci ’09, said EngSoc is expecting a large turnout for the Wednesday night opening.

“Obviously we can’t break our capacity,” he said. “At any given time we can have 140 patrons in the pub. That doesn’t include people lining up outside, though.”

Pub capacity is 159 people, including staff and the buffer needed to allow the liquor inspector among certain others immediate access to Clark Hall Pub, said Black.

To prepare for the official opening, Black said EngSoc has arranged for a small crowd to preview the new pub the week before the opening.

“We are running soft openings next week with a small selected crowd. It will be a training exercise with our staff before the official opening,” he said. “We will overstaff the event so our staff can cycle through. Normally a staff member would take a shift for the whole night. We are breaking the nights into two shifts. It is by invite only and is a small crowd.”

EngSoc has planned for a week of parties following the Wednesday night opening, Black said.

“The public opening will be on the 8 and 9, and ritual will be on Friday,” he said. “Wednesday night will be a rock-themed night sponsored by Molson. Thursday will be a live music night sponsored by Big Rock. It’s called ‘Big Rock Presents Clark Untapped.’ Friday afternoon will be the typical ritual.”

With the disbanding of Science Constables, Clark Hall Pub will be monitored in the same way as all other campus events, Black said.

“Security will be provided by Student Constables,” he said.

Jonathan Hordo, the pub’s head manager and Sci ’09, said he has been working with Student Constables throughout the summer to ensure the security for Clark Hall Pub’s re-opening runs smoothly.

“[Student Constables] have been successful at all our events. I have no doubt they will do an exceptional job,” he said.

The decision to use Student Constables for pub security instead of restarting the Science Constable service was both financially responsible and practical, Hordo said.

“Basically, each security force has to be registered with the government. There is a cost associated with that,” he said. “Financially, it wasn’t a viable option. We have a security force on campus already, so we thought we would focus on the pub’s re-opening instead.”

Hordo said the soft-opening invitees will include a mix of students and faculty members, but their main purpose is to train incoming Clark Hall Pub staff.

“We’re trying to include people from across campus,” he said. “There’ll be faculty there one night, and students will be there both nights.”

Hordo said Clark’s management team will be handing out 160 tickets for the first two nights to students across campus in all faculties.

“We’re holding 80 tickets for the first Wednesday and the first Thursday night which will guarantee a line skip before 10 p.m.,” he said. “We had a raffle at the sidewalk sale which anyone out and about could enter.”

In the next week, Hordo said, the remainder of the tickets will be handed out randomly at different locations on campus.

Even if students do not receive random tickets, they can still get in on opening night, Hordo said.

“The rest will be handed out around campus in classes with trivia questions about Clark Hall Pub,” he said. “There are no set times or locations.”

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