‘Everything counts’: Team ETC voted next AMS executives

Teams and candidates across faculties received votes of confidence 

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AMS Election sees a 11.5 per cent voter turnout.

As voting closed Wednesday, the AMS election saw an 11.5 per cent voter turnout.  


AMS voters have elected Team ETC, comprised of Presidential candidate Eric Sikich, ArtSci ’22, Vice-Presidential (Operations) candidate Tina Hu, ArtSci ’22, and Vice-Presidential (University Affairs) candidate Callum Robertson, ArtSci. ’22, as the 2022-23 AMS executives. 

The team won a 90.7 per cent vote of confidence. 

“We want to start by saying thank you to all students who voted in this election. Whether you voted yes, no, or abstained, we believe the voting process is an essential hallmark of a democratic election,” Team ETC wrote in an email sent to The Journal.

“For those who put their vote of confidence in us we also say thank you. We are beyond excited and passionate about this opportunity and are hoping to continue working with students for consistent communication and change.”

Team ETC added they are “aware” their work has just begun, because “everything counts.” 

“We look forward to an incredible year and thank you all again for your support.”


Voters elected Presidential candidate Yara Hussein, Vice Presidential (Society Affairs) candidate Emma Farrell, and

Vice Presidential (Operations) candidate Aloka Wijesundara, all ArtSci’23, as the next ASUS executive.

“We want to emphasize that all of the consultations, long nights, and many hours we spent working on our platform and campaign [are] only the beginning of what we hope to accomplish for Arts and Science students,” Farrell wrote in an email sent to The Journal.

“Consultations showed that there is so much to be done. There’s such great work being done through ASUS already, and we’re excited to continue these things while also implementing those ideas and action items that we introduced in our platform as well,” Wijesundara wrote.

Team YEA ran uncontested and secured 91.8 per cent of the vote. 

“We’re very happy with the voter turnout and seeing our peers from other faculties cheering us on and wanting to

see our team succeed was amazing,” Hussein said. 

“I’m most excited to increase our student engagement, I think that’s most important to all of us. Hopefully in the upcoming year, no matter what that looks like with COVID, that’s something that we are able to pursue with our programming,” Wijesundara said.  


Beth Langdon, JD ’23, has been elected as 2022-23 SGPS President. 

In an uncontested election, Langdon secured 94.6 per cent vote with a 32.8 per cent turnout.

“I am excited and honoured to have been elected the next SGPS President for the 2022/2023 term. I am thankful to all the individuals that took the time to nominate me, hear from me and vote in this election,” Langdon wrote in an email sent to The Journal.

“I promise to do my best to lead with empathy and be a dedicated student leader. I look forward to working with

the rest of the elected executive team and hearing more from SGPS students on how I can best serve them.”

With files from Asbah Ahmad.


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