Fall 2013: Back to basics

We’re headed back to the basics this season.

Preparing for this wardrobe shift means an inexhaustible chance to experiment with muted colours.

Fall is the harbinger of classic shades reclaiming their place in this season’s wardrobe.

Colours like camel, ivory white and slate grey, when paired with neutrals, can create an impactful and feminine outfit.

Caramel and neutrals

Create a relaxed fall look with a pair of slouchy pants and a sheer wide-sleeve kimono sweater. Don’t be afraid to experiment with loosely structured bottoms or tops – as long as one of them is form-fitting like my white bustier you’ll avoid the frumpy look. Also pick out fall pieces for their details: The waist bow-tie on the pants adds the right amount of detail that makes this the perfect alternative to those overused dark jeans. Match outfits with contrasting texture, especially between top and bottom. The sheer lace detailing of the back of the sweater adds the right amount of edge to contrast with the silky look of these comfy pants.

Ivory and winter white

Ivory white is my way of refusing to let dark dreary wintertime outfits take over my wardrobe. Instead, Ivory and winter white deserve their time in the autumnal warm temperatures. Try to incorporate this light-catching shade by wearing cropped jackets, textured tops and sheer blouses. Blouses work for both casual and formal situations so these will become a practical staple for any chic look. Offset your neutral ensemble with darker shoes such as charcoal. Rocking a head-to-white outfit isn’t for everyone though, so if you want to start low-key, try one white piece like the top, bottom or even an accessory.

Slate Grey and neutrals

Slate Grey creates a muted and subtle look of sophistication without being too overpowering. Grey also pairs nicely with warm delicate shades like the coral beads found in the neckline of this top. Keep an eye out for accents or detailing when buying fall pieces. The subtlety of the design will add intrigue to your outfit. I’m also happy that lace, and delicate fabrics in general, are still trending from spring and summer. Try pairing grey with camel or navy for a dynamic look. Together the grey, ivory and light-coloured beads add a very organic aesthetic that expresses my desire to cling onto the last few warm rays of the season.

We might be dismissing summer pastels and idyllic sunny weather, but I embrace change and am excited for the new season.

Our outfits should always be introspective of the weather, though the shift to a cooler season never means stifling our wardrobe’s colour palette. Instead play up these fall shades with different textures and structured looks. Make it your own and definitely don’t be afraid to incorporate deep shades of cranberry, plum or emerald with those neutrals and muted colours.


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