Fall fashion: Layering is key to transitioning seasons

It’s always hard to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall weather. Even more difficult is to bid farewell and pack away all those shorts and crop tops you’ve been rocking from May to August.

The key tip to wearing summer staples in the fall-time is layering. Try to layer different pieces with varying lengths and textures. A great way to work a summery piece of clothing into fall is to add fall accessories like scarves, hats or boots in darker colours.

With the right accessories, summer items can be easily be revived and transitioned into your fall wardrobe. Here’s how three summer staples can be worn in cooler weather.

1. The sun dress

It’s a huge misconception that sun dresses can only be worn in warm weather. If neutral colour, they can easily be brought into colder climates. Pairing it with a classic fall staple, such as a denim jacket, keeps you fashionably warm.

Cheeky fall accessories like a cat-eared beanie also help the dress better suit chillier weather. When choosing accessories, try to bring in deeper, fall-like colours such as burgundy; it’s also a great way to bring in colour to a monochromatic outfit. Finish off with trendy knee-high socks to create the perfect go-to fall outfit.

2. The jean short

Cut-off denim shorts are great for warmer fall days and are the perfect piece to attain a more worn-in, rugged look. Pairing your shorts with brown leather and dainty gold accessories can give them new life. Wearing a long sleeved sweater provides the outfit some balance and is practical for when the weather gets windier.

Rocking a chunky, buckled boot is also a fun, edgy way to update your shorts for fall. Finish the outfit with a few bohemian accessories: a scarf, felt hat and a slouchy bag and you’re ready to go for fall classes.

3. The crop top

Although crop tops are a summer go-to item, you can still wear them all year around with the right pieces. For a rocker-chic look, pair the shirt with a good pair of worn-in boyfriend jeans. The looser fit of the jeans balances out the shorter top and helps it become both cool weather- and daytime-friendly.

Add a basic sneaker and some coordinating accessories, such as a unique fringe bag and a military style, to help attain the trendy rocker look. For finishing fall touches, match the outfit with a leather jacket and a slouchy, black beanie. This outfit is a great, eclectic look for the day and perfect for when the leaves start to fall.


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