Fall fashion on a budget

Finding affordable alternatives to fall trends on campus

Sweater vests

This fall, fashion trends will transition from pastels, crop tops, and linen to warmer hues, layers, and knit sweaters.

It’s no secret that trends at Queen’s are catered toward an upper-middle-class demographic, which isn’t always affordable on a student budget. The good thing about these trendy fall looks, though, is they can be achieved in multiple ways. While there’s nothing wrong with ordering from Aritzia, there are also more sustainable and affordable options to source fall staples. 

To get you started, I’ve come up with a list of the most prevalent upcoming fall fashion trends that you’ll see on Queen’s campus and some financially sustainable alternatives.

The Aritzia Ganna Shirt Jacket

The shacket—a combination of a shirt and a jacket—is perfect for months when you would be sweltering in a winter coat and cold in a sweater.

Aritzia sells iconic ‘oversized wool shackets,’ perfect for throwing over a crop top or a light sweater in the upcoming transition months. Although they come in 28 colours and various patterns, they’re also priced at a steep $198—not including tax and shipping rates.

My relationship with Aritzia is complicated. I cave and fill my cart whenever I’m bored, but I always feel guilty when I do. If you’re like me and would prefer a less costly alternative, ZARA sells a nearly identical overshirt for a more realistic $79, H&M markets their ‘shirt jacket’ for $39, and Shein’s are $29.

While these alternatives are less expensive, they’re certainly not the most environmentally friendly. If you’re set on a specific brand or colour of shacket that you wouldn’t be able to find at a thrift store, go for a scroll through Facebook Marketplace, Depop, or Poshmark.




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The Sweater Vest

The resurgence of early 2000s trends like slip dresses, baggy jeans, and long-inseam shorts paved the way for the sweater vest to come back in style. The vests reappeared last winter, and TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest have officially confirmed they’ll be back in full swing this fall.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had my qualms about sweater vests, but there’s something charming about wearing one with a long sleeve shirt, some hoop earrings, high-waisted jeans, and a claw clip. It’s as if Toronto street-style met the Hogwarts’s school uniform, and I’m here for it.

This fall, my Gap Kids sweater vest from my grade 7 band recital can finally receive the respect it deserves.




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With colder weather on the way, oversized brown, green, and orange matching sweatsuits are coming back as another sure-fire staple this fall.

Matching sets may bring back memories of your time at home during the peak of the pandemic. Many students will continue this trend back on campus—who doesn’t want the comfort of wearing the closest thing to a blanket while still looking presentable.

Besides, if the Kardashian-West family can pose for family photos in matching sweatsuits, I can certainly wear one to wait in line at CoGro.  

Urban Outfitters prices their sweatpants around $60, and their sweatshirts range between $60 and $120—yikes. A wonderful alternative to this unfriendly pricing is to thrift an oversized sweatshirt and a baggy pair of sweatpants.




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