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With so many opportunities to get involved at Queen’s, sometimes those with a fashion-forward mind just want to get their manicured hands onto something a little more creative or expressive. If following fashion and beauty mavens on Twitter hasn’t satisfied your fix, here are a few ways to find your creative outlet on campus:

Get involved with a fashion show

If you’re a makeup or hair guru, consider lending your talent behind the scenes of a student-run fashion show. Part of the fun is meeting students who love fashion as much as you. Dolling others up for a photo shoot or the runway can be a thrill better lived out through on-campus involvement. Being on the executive committee, as a fashion or clothing exec, means you’ll be dressing the models and liaising directly with the clothing sponsors. There doesn’t seem to be an easier way to know what’s current and trendy.

Contribute to a campus magazine

A lot of on-campus publications, like Muse Magazine, Ultraviolet Magazine, Her Campus Queen’s, Rhetoric Magazine and the Undergraduate Review, are always looking for a fresh crop of writers and creative minds, whether you’re into graphic design, music, poetry, video or photography. Being involved with a magazine gives you the opportunity to meet a community of similarly savvy and enthusiastic writers. Writing for one of these publications can be a great creative outlet and nice break from academic essays.

Join CFRC or QTV and dive into a media-filled experience

Whether you’ve always wanted to host your own show or try your hand at being a DJ, CFRC offers music programming opportunities and hands-on experience in audio production. Similarly, QTV produces a variety of segments, including Student Life, Kingston and Arts and Entertainment, that feature fun and casual interviews.

Start your own blog

A blog is an easy, manageable way to cap off your day of classes and readings. If you’re into beauty product reviews, DIY home crafts or talking about your latest shopping purchase, a blog can be a great way to improve your personal writing style and keep your friends updated on your life. Another bright side about a personal blog is you determine your own schedule and the frequency of your posts. It’s also an inexpensive way to try your handout at writing and gain experience writing on a consistent basis before you contribute to a publication.

Work in retail

Working in a clothing store is a practical way to earn some pocket money to fuel your shopping needs, but also allows you firsthand access to new, in-season apparel. While working in retail may be tedious or repetitive at times, you’ll connect with people who are just as passionate about a certain brand and can even develop your own personal style.

Online discussion group

Queen’s Beauty Team, a Facebook for Queen’s students, allows people to share beauty tips with one another as well as sell or exchange products. It’s a convenient place for beauty mongers to gather and share their knowledge and personal experience.

Whether you’re into street style or high-end fashion, these are just some ways to immerse yourselves in beauty, fashion and lifestyle-related activities.


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