Fashion meets function

Adding style to a comfortable wardrobe

Comfort and fashion can go hand-in-hand.

From sitting in two-hour lectures to being hunched over textbooks in Stauffer, it’s important that Queen’s students dress comfortably.

Baggy sweatpants, loose t-shirts and sweatshirts are quintessential to the average student’s wardrobe, as they provide the ultimate comfort for everyday activities. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little comfort in your wardrobe, especially for students for whom academics come first and style second.

But while comfort is ideal, walking around in unflattering, baggy clothes all day is not. Fashion has decided to reach a hand out for students, though, by accommodating clothes that serve two purposes. With these tips on blooming fashion trends, it’s easy to see where to draw the line between comfort and style, and where student fashion can meet student function.


Boyfriend jeans

With fall just around the corner, it’s difficult to avoid the classic sweatpants and leggings trend.  But take the new boyfriend jeans combo, where it’s now become fashionable to wear incredibly loose pants with rips in them. You no longer have to struggle with squeezing into a tight pair of jeans to be trendy; boyfriend jeans are designed to be two sizes too big. What more could you ask for?

This trend is not only fashionable, it’s also affordable.  No need to buy an expensive pair, when you can just ask your mom for her worst pair of vintage jeans and you’re all set.

Skinny joggers

I hate to say it, but Justin Bieber deserves some credit for starting up this craze, with his pants being tight at the lower leg but loose at the top, giving the same amount of room as sweatpants do. Skinny joggers are a unisex pant that provide both comfort and style.

Patterned shirts

When it comes to shirts, it’s time to venture out of our comfort zone of plain black tees and sweatshirts. People don’t appreciate how much a different pattern on a shirt, a cut-out or a collar can add to an outfit. Flannels are perfect for this upcoming fall season, considering their warmth and the fact that everyone at Queen’s is obsessed with them. A flannel can come in handy here on campus, especially for Tuesday nights when you’ll see a massive amount of plaid lined up at Ale House.

Flannels are great to layer over t-shirts, either as a solid colour top or my favourite, a black and white stripped shirt. The more you layer, the comfier you are for cooler mornings and the dreaded walks to BioSci.


We should also celebrate the incoming oversized, grandma-knit sweater trend. Get yourself a loose sweater from either your grandma or grandpa’s closet or vintage shops. There are few such trends that double as a fashion statement and a great reminder of home wrapped up all around you. These sweaters are super easy to pair with statement pieces too, like a leather jacket or a bold necklace. Combining chic and style has never been easier for students.


As students, we can work function into our wardrobe by holding onto comfort, and prioritize our time getting work done over picking out tomorrow’s outfit. But take a minute to add fashion to your wardrobe, considering trends nowadays are even doing it for us. Simply wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in, with a personal touch. Also, if you’re stuck on what to wear, just look around — Queen’s has some pretty stylish people.


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