Female Athlete of the Week

Kelli Chamberlain – Women’s soccer

Kelli Chamberlain joined the women’s soccer team as a walk-on in open tryouts two years ago, having never played forward before.

12th in OUA goal-scoring this season with six goals, the starting forward scored twice in the Gael’s semifinal win against the Laurier Golden Hawks last weekend, qualifying the team for the OUA final and ultimately the CIS Championships in Toronto this weekend.

Chamberlain said she spends summers in British Columbia, instead of her home in North Bay, playing soccer for the Pacific Coast Soccer League’s Kamloops Heat.

She said the difference between the Gaels and the other teams she has been a part of is the social aspect.

“There was a lot of good individual players on the [Kamloops] team, but I don’t think the chemistry was there,” she said. “With the girls at Queen’s, we’re all like best friends. We connect. We know where one and another are going to be. We don’t necessarily need to lift our heads.”

Chamberlain said having such a close team can complicate things at times.

“It’s always hard when you’re seeing your best friends not getting played,” she said. “You’ve just got to take a step back and realize its university soccer <-> it’s pretty high level.”

Chamberlain has played for the Gaels since her first year. She said the team hasn’t changed much in terms of personnel, they just know each other better.

“I can’t tell you a difference between years before, but this year honestly our chemistry this year is perfect.”

She said a lot of her time would be spend in a gym instead of on a field if she hadn’t made the soccer team.

“I went to a volleyball tryout after a soccer practice and I realized it was going to be way too much,” she said. “I didn’t end up trying out but if I didn’t make the soccer team I would have loved to play volleyball.”

The third-year physical education student said being a student-athlete isn’t as stressful as some believe it to be.

“Soccer helps me balance my life,” she said. “It makes me so busy that it forces me to know certain things need to be done at certain times. I think it helps me organize my life.”

Jake Edmiston

What’s your favourite team in any sport?

Probably Toronto FC.

Who’s your favourite superhero?

Oh my goodness, that’s hard. Spiderman? I have no idea.

What’s your favourite bar or club?

The Brass.

What is on your iPod right now?

A whole lot of country.

Mullets or Mohawks?


Any hidden talents?

I can make a chipmunk noise. I can’t do it over the phone because I need both hands.

Who would you trade lives with for a day?

Ellen DeGeneres.

Childhood dream job?

Professional soccer player.

What would you choose for your last meal?

Last meal? Probably tacos.

Where would you go if you had a free plane ticket?


What would you rather be doing instead of this interview?

Playing on the Canadian national team.

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