Fentanyl product seized in Kingston

Product was not tainted cannabis, but actual fentanyl

Image supplied by: Kingston Police
There is no information concerning the tainting of other drugs.

Fentanyl is making its way to the streets of Kingston, and the local police want the public to be informed.

In a Sept. 6 press release, Kingston Police announced they wished to inform the public about a consumable “toy car gummy” which was seized during an arrest.

The arrest took place following a Sept. 4 hand-to-hand drug transaction which took place around Division Street and Pine Street. The Police arrested a 60-year-old individual for the act.

The Police said the toy car gummy looked identical to a cannabis gummy. Instead, the gummy consisted of fentanyl, which could have serious health effects—including death—if consumed.

The individual who was arrested was held in custody pending a bail hearing and was later charged. The charges included possession of a schedule 1 substance, trafficking of said substance, and possession of proceeds from crime.

The Police urged the public to purchase and consume cannabis products from only licensed private sellers or government-operated online stores.

In a statement to The Journal, Kingston Police Cst. Anthony Colangeli emphasized that while drug enforcement strategies aren’t publicly released for the integrity of investigations, the trafficking of illicit fentanyl is of extreme importance.

“Queens students receive the same education and awareness in regards to the dangers of fentany land other illicit drug consumption as the rest of the community,” Colangeli said.

“The ‘gummy’ seized was in fact fentanyl, not ‘tainted cannabis,’ nor was it packaged as or marketed as cannabis […] It was seized from a fentanyl trafficker selling it as pure fentanyl.”

According to Colangeli, there’s no recent information or intelligence concerning the tainting of other types of drugs with fentanyl in the Kingston community.

“As a general caution, anyone purchasing recreational cannabis related products from any non-government regulated dispensary runs a greater risk of coming across potentially tainted products.”


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