Fleck comes out on top as next EngSoc president

Emily Fleck found out she was elected as the 2013-2014 next year’s EngSoc President amidst a crowd of cheering supporters and a quick round of celebratory shots with her new executive team.

“I’m pretty overwhelmed. It was a very tight race, I’m sure. I don’t know the numbers, and I’m sure it was very close between all the candidates,” said Fleck, Sci’ 14 said as she was frequently interrupted by passersby congratulating her on her win.

Fleck, who was this year’s EngSoc vice-president of society affairs, viewed this election as a stepping stone.

“Once I was involved, I realized it was something I really liked and wanted to pursue further,” Fleck said.

In the coming year, she hopes to re-evaluate the existing positions on EngSoc, ensuring that each position is best suited to the portfolio they’re assigned to.

She also hopes to reach out for external input about the upcoming year, working more closely with other Faculty Societies and the AMS.

Eric Goldfarb, one of the losing presidential candidates, expressed his qualms about the upcoming year.

“I hope to see more accountability and more of a chance to reach out to people, but I remain skeptical,” Goldfarb, Sci ’14, said.

He expressed his concern for the lack of participation in EngSoc from all faculty members, not only those few who are already involved in the student government apparatus.

“I guess I didn’t do a good job motivating people who feel out of touch to get inside and vote,” Goldfarb said.

Alex Wilson, the other losing candidate, expressed his support for the winning candidate in a brief statement.

“Emily was amazing, she’s going to do amazing things,” Wilson, Sci’ 14, said.

Fleck did express her willingness to work with the two candidates who were not elected.

“The other campaigns I ran against have really wonderful platforms, so I hope to sit down with them and talk to them about some of the ideas they have that they would really like to see materialize,” Fleck said.

– With files from Samuel Kary


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