Football and Cold Beer

Beer will now be served at Queen’s home football games.

Campus activities commissioner Dave Homuth has arranged for a designated area to be established right next to Richardson Stadium where students will be able to purchase and drink beer. Although students will not be able to drink beer in Richardson Stadium, the designated area is expected to provide a good view of the football field and seat approximately 1,650 people.

Selling beer at football games is a great idea that is likely to be popular among students. Football games have not seen particularly high student attendance in recent years and the availability of beer may help to increase ticket sales. As long as students drink responsibly, there is nothing wrong with them coming for the beer and staying for the football.

Also, permitting beer in a designated and legal area is likely to reduce the number of students who attempt to illegally sneak alcohol into Richardson Stadium.

It is also possible that if campus football does see an increase in attention from students then perhaps there could be a trickle down effect whereby other campus sports receive more attention too.

In other words, anything that helps to promote school spirit is always a step in the right direction.

But perhaps the best part of this idea is that the profits from the sale of beer will go to help fund varsity sports at Queen’s. Many of these sports have had to cope with significant budget cuts in the last few years and will no doubt benefit from the additional funds. At the very least, allocating the money for varsity sports seems a much better use of the cash than just making the bottom line of Alfie’s slightly less red, which appears to have been the most probable alternative.

Naturally, there will be an onus on students not to abuse the privilege. While football games provide a great forum to be loud and boisterous, it is important that students refrain from inappropriate behaviour while they are drinking. The idea of permitting beer at football games was created rather quickly and can certainly be revoked just as easily.

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