Four fall dates that will get you cuffed

Festive activities to get you into the autumn spirit

Image by: Amna Rafiq
These dates take advantage of the fall festivities.

Cuffing season is upon us—and no, I’m not talking about the winter or Christmas season. 

With the leaves changing to beautiful colours, the smell of bonfires and pumpkins filling the air, and the best time for fashion, romance is in the air. But how do we share the best time of year with our significant other—or situationship, if that’s where you’re at?

Here’s a list of date ideas to ensure you make the most of the fall season.

Honey, you’re so crisp

Apple pie iced apple crisp macchiatos, apple scented candles—autumn has claimed apples as its seasonal fruit.

With that in mind, apple picking is a cute way to go on a walk with your partner and enjoy their company, while picking yummy apples to bake with later. Not to mention the adorable couple pictures—you can awkwardly ask a stranger to take them—for a festive Instagram feed.

Waddell Apples, only a short 27-minute drive from campus, offers amazing apple picking of Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Royal Gala, and more. Plus, you can listen to a festive fall playlist on the drive there.

Falling for you

Going on a walk on a sunny fall day—or cloudy, rainy day if you prefer the gloomy vibes—is a necessity for appreciating the autumn weather. The beautiful fall colours and changing leaves are what make up the festive feelings of fall.

A walk through Victoria Park with all the fallen leaves scattered on the grass makes for a pleasing stroll with your partner. It honestly feels like you’re living a rom-com.

For those of you in situationships, this is a great time to bond and learn more about your possible person. At least if you’re unhappy with anything you learn, you’ll still have pretty sights all around you.

Picking the perfect jack-o-lantern

With Halloween approaching, the spooky side of autumn is slowly creeping up on us. That means pumpkins are a necessity for finding the perfect jack-o-lantern.

Luckily, Fruition Berry Farm, a quick 22-minute drive from campus, offers a pumpkin patch and a corn maze you and your significant other can explore.

Similar to apple picking, wearing a cute flannel and taking pictures with your chosen pumpkin is the perfect addition to fall festivities. Picking pumpkins may not seem thrilling, but it’s really about quality time with your partner.

The fun comes once you get back home and the two of you can carve the pumpkins you’ve picked. If you’re like me and a bit competitive, it could be fun to make a little competition out of who can craft the best-designed jack-o-lantern. Or the two of you could curate your pumpkins to your partner’s liking and switch once they’re done.

Note: you don’t need to be a pro-pumpkin carver.

Halloweentown supremacy

Christmas movies have a strong reputation when it comes to festive media, but I’d argue Halloween, without a doubt, beats out Christmas in the media department.

Halloweentown (all of them), Twitches, and Girl vs. Monster are all super childish Halloween movies, but they’re essentials for the fall season. Not only are they dripping in childhood nostalgia, but they perfectly fit the positive fall vibes.

If you aren’t entertained by things designed for 12-year-olds like I am, then creepier movies are for you. Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and Saw are the horror movies for you. Personally, I’m not a horror movie girl but I know they’re necessities for the Halloween spirit.

Not to mention, the weather’s cooling down, so this is a perfect excuse to cuddle up to your significant other.


With this list of date ideas, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the fall festivities with your partner. For those still stuck in situationships, maybe this is the perfect opportunity to get you cuffed.

Happy fall!


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