Fox not at fault

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Fox News is biased. Deal with it.

Every media outlet is going to have some sort of bias. MSNBC and CBS often reflect liberal views when it comes to their stories. In the same way, Fox News is often painted as the broadcasting station of the Republican Party.

In my opinion, Fox News is just another network trying to appeal to its viewership.

In past years, I’ve been disgusted by the conduct of certain Fox News anchors and personalities such as Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter.

For example, Coulter gained notoriety for calling the president a “retard” on Twitter. O’Reilly has a number of similar soundbites, including telling the son of a 9/11 victim to “shut up” on live TV.

However, putting aside the antics of the station’s employees, it seems as if Fox News is beginning to realize that America is changing. The “angry old white man” stereotype that once made up much of Fox News’ viewership is becoming less and less prevalent.

The current state of Fox News can be summed up by one instance during their coverage of the recent election.

When Fox’s decision desk gave Ohio to the Democrats, political commentator Karl Rove, who had helped fund the Republican campaign, said the call was premature. Anchor Megyn Kelly, in response, walked to the decision desk and asked the head of the decision team Aaron Mishkin if he stood by his call.

Mishkin replied with: “We are actually quite comfortable with our call in Ohio.”

So is Fox News really the voice of the GOP? I don’t think so. It’s just another television channel trying to appeal to its viewers.

As their viewership changes, so will the channel.

Colin is the Multimedia Editor at the Journal.


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