From Liz, With Love: New beginnings at ‘The Journal’

Navigating relationships together this school year

Liz Provost introduces her dating column to The Journal.

To me, fall has always invited new beginnings. 

The start of a school year, a new rhythm of wake-up times and late nights, the smell of new notebooks, and the jitters of making new friends. In my undergrad, I became accustomed to the undulations of this newness, but this year feels completely different—I’m 22, starting my Master’s, and moving away from home for the first time. Now based in Kingston, I’m no longer comforted by what’s familiar. 

Two years ago, at the onset of my third year at the University of Toronto Mississauga, I stepped into the role of Editor in Chief of my campus newspaper, The Medium, which I held for my last two years of undergrad. During my first serious—by which I mean longer than three months—relationship the previous summer, I started a column named “From Liz, With Love,” where I answered anonymous questions bi-weekly on topics relating to relationships, friendships, loneliness, insecurity, and family. When answering these questions, I shared my own vulnerabilities too, since my time at The Medium was marked by my own ups and downs in those categories. 

I write this opening note to you, dear reader, from a Via Rail train back home to Toronto from Montréal, where I grew up. I run back to my hometown when I’m desperate to catch my footing. This time, I’m processing the wave of emotions following texting my ex (AH!) and him visiting me this summer from overseas (double AH!). I write this with a clear understanding of why my recent attempts at online dating, meet-cutes, and the whole “casual” thing have failed flat—I was still in love with him. 

As we slowly ease back into each other’s lives and taste the familiar bitterness of distance, I meet this September and the rebirth of this column at The Journal with an arsenal of experiences and an eagerness to make sure you’re heard. I hope to give you a safe space to unload, rant, and leave your worries in my hands. I’m not a professional, but I’ll do my best to help.  

Albeit with difficulty, I’m taking advantage of the season to let go of patterns from previous relationships and I am excited to take you, dear reader, along as we figure this whole “love” thing out together. 

What do I ask of you? Email me your question, your story, or your “hypothetical” scenario. All questions will be made anonymous in print, and nothing is too simple, serious, dark, deep, or silly. Keep your questions to around 200 words. Text screenshots are welcome. Email your submissions to, who will then forward the piece to me, or keep it super anonymous by dropping off printouts and your letter in an envelope at The Journal’s office.  

Happy fall, embrace the
new beginnings!

With love, 



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