Frozen Yogurt: What’s all the commotion?

By Julia Vriend

Assistant Blogs Editor

With the newly-opened Menchies becoming Kingston’s latest summer hotspot, and Mio Yogi soon opening on Division, frozen yogurt has been the topic of conversation lately.

So what’s the big commotion?

The Queen’s Journal Blogs team is here to help to navigate your way through this fastly rising fad.

What is Frozen Yogurt?

It’s much healthier version of ice cream that originated in the United States in 1978. It has more of a tart taste than regular ice cream or gelato and it comes with low-fat options since it contains milk instead of cream. Though it’s a smart choice as desserts go, you still want to eat this in moderation. We asked a Holistic Nutritionist, Mary Pearson, what she thinks of frozen yogurt: “Feel free to indulge on occasion but consider it a treat, not a nutritional food,” she told us. You can check the various company websites if you’re curious about nutritional values.

Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s check out where you can get your fix in Kingston.


Recently opened at 241 Princess St. this April, Menchies has got students flocking to it. Customers can create their own combination of frozen yogurt and toppings. They charge by weight, so you can have as little or as much as you want! They even have little taste tester cups that you can use to figure out which of the flavors is your favorite. I had a blast creating my own creation using fresh fruit and vanilla froyo. The pictures of Hollywood celebrities on the wall make you feel like you’re right there with Selena Gomez in Beverly Hills.

Points for: Personalization, creativity and location.

Watch out for: The serving size is up to you — don’t get carried away!

Yogen Fruz

If you’re looking for more selection you should check this place out. They have many different ways for you to customize your froyo to the way want it.

There are three levels of “fat” you can choose: “normal”, “low”, and “non-fat”. There is also a “non-dairy” option. They have fruit cups, smoothies, and froyo. You choose your toppings and they do the work for you and blend it into one delicious flavor dictated by you. They also have some custom flavors that they created for you to try such as Pina Coloda or Key Lime Pie (personally, the Key Lime is always the one I go for). The closest one to campus is at the Cineplex on Gardiner’s Road.

Points for: Flexibility and having nutritional values on display.

Watch out for: Ice cream – they serve this there as well, but if you’re looking for a healthy fix, stick to the froyo.

Mio Yogi

If you don’t feel like much of a walk definitely check out Mio Yogi located at the corner of Division and Johnson. Located in the heart of the ghetto, this froyo place guarantees fresh self-serve yogurt with a toppings bar, fresh fruit, and sweets. I haven’t been able to check out this place yet because it’s not yet open. If you check it out before I do give Queen’s Journal Blogs a shout either on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll pass your message along.

Happy Snacking!

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