Gaels share memories of Andrea Mariano

Queen’s orientation leaders remember the first-year student as bubbly and energetic

Mariano (middle) with two of her Gaels during Frosh Week.
Image supplied by: Supplied by Muskoka Dittmar-McCallum
Mariano (middle) with two of her Gaels during Frosh Week.

Andrea Mariano’s frosh leaders say that although her stay at Queen’s was tragically cut short, they’ll always remember her.

After Mariano passed away two-and-a-half weeks ago, the group — led by her Arts and Science Orientation leaders (Gaels) — organized a small gathering to share memories of their friend.

“We met to write her family letters about any memories and funny stories we had about Andrea. We tried to keep the letters focused on happy memories to keep spirits high” Courtney Craig, ArtSci ’18, one of Mariano’s Gael, told The Journal via email.

“It was an emotional gathering, and very quiet. We ended up all sharing memories about Andrea and having a few laughs. It was a great time to connect and remember Andrea as best we could.”

Eighteen-year old Mariano, who came to Queen’s from Thornhill, ON., passed away at Kingston General Hospital (KGH) on Sept. 18. Mariano’s family stated that the cause of death was related to an anaphylactic allergic reaction, corresponding to the information provided in the University’s press release.

Mariano, who was severely allergic to peanuts and allergic to dairy, had ordered a smoothie after class on Sept. 15, according to a Global News report. It was her second day of classes.

After ordering the smoothie, Andrea suffered an allergic reaction and was taken to KGH, the report states. She died three days later on Sept. 18. 

It’s still unclear where on campus Andrea ordered the smoothie from. 

Although she spent only two weeks at Queen’s, Craig said Mariano’s bubbly energy was hard to miss. 

“She came to every frosh event and was kind to everyone. She was such a genuinely nice, well rounded girl and it is absolutely devastating to hear such horrible news,” Craig, ArtSci ’18, wrote in her email.

She says Andrea will be remembered as a shy yet friendly girl who left an impact on the people she met.

“On the first day of frosh week I could tell she was nervous, just like everyone else, but she still had this small excited [smile] on her face,” Craig wrote.

Andrea’s Gaels have focused on the happy memories they shared during Frosh Week. 

“She had so much school spirit and within the short amount of time I got to know her, I definitely felt like she found a place and almost felt at home.”

Mariano’s other Gael, Muskoka Dittmar-McCallum, said she recalls that Mariano became more comfortable with the Queen’s environment over the course of Orientation Week. 

“Over the course of Frosh Week, she really grew as a person,” Dittmar-McCallum, ArtSci ’18, told The Journal.

“Over the course of the three days, she became fully immersed into the Queen’s culture where she would say all the cheers and participate in the dances.”

Mariano’s Funeral Mass was held on Sept. 26. According to Fratelli Vescio Funeral Homes, donations in memory of Andrea may be made to the World Wildlife Fund.

Anyone in need of support is encouraged to contact Student Wellness Services at (613)-533-6000 ext. 78264 and/or the University Chaplain Kate Johnson at (613)-533-2186. After hours, students can contact Campus Security at (613)-533-6733.



Andrea Mariano, Obituary

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